November 22, 2013

Family drama

This week’s work:

I Love My Family But Loathe Their Politics -

Hi mom. Thanks for letting me use our familial issues as fodder for my column. Love you.

Pie chart: Why aren’t we laughing at that female comedian? - The Hairpin

Ha ha. I love you (even if that was the jankiest pie chart I've ever seen.)” -someone on Twitter.

Silicon Tally - Marketplace Tech

Listen to me talk about Snapchat and GoldieBlox.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Having Opinions -

Consider giving to the Feministing kickstarter campaign!

I'm reading:

Jimmy Breslin’s report on the fight to save JFK. Margaret Atwood remembers Doris Lessing. The secret lives of Vatican gays. The exquisite pain and pleasure of Twitter. David Copperfield loves chicken fingers. Why Spotify is full of karaoke versions. Latrice Royale and Peaches Christ celebrate Paris Is Burning. Pop-up schools in Kenya and debt relief in America. What George Zimmerman can teach us about domestic abusers. I had no idea so many black women died at Jonestown. Imaging a post-antibiotics future. I love plants. The case for anonymous bylines and internet outrage. Because grammar. What the book business and Tina Brown’s world look like from the inside. The economics of infomercials. Motherhood is not the most important job in the world. Straight men who like rimjobs. A dispatch from a Chinese dating game. “It’s something altogether different to see one person lose her one home and then to see it over and over and over.” Things no one tells you about being homeless. American inequality in six charts. Country music and the dark side of small-town life. The inside story of Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks.”


Sagan won’t be guilted into staying out when he really wants to be at home on the couch watching Scandal.

I endorse:

This was a banner week for elaborate interactive music videos. Pharrell. Dylan. YES.


“a pioneer of the medium.” -FastCompany

“She’s self-promoting in a way that is conversational and non-threatening — and feels like not self-promoting.” -NPR’s Social Media Desk

I have to tell you that I have been using TinyLetter to make just my dad a weekly newsletter on his only child's doings. He's a quiet guy. He won't use the phone, he won't text, he doesn't do FB. He'd been sending me Van Morrison YouTube videos late at night under the name SOB1978 (my birth year), so I knew I had to do something. Last week when I went to see him, he twerked in the driveway bc I linked to something I had written about Big Freedia. So, thanks for that.” -Shauna Miller. TWERKING DADS.

“I thought you should know my dad loves Pitbull, and on a recent vacation, on the street, started playing a Pitbull song on his phone and dancing.” -eoporto. Ok, so this is more of a testimonial for Pitbull, but whatever. PITBULL DADS.

“rad.” -Wendy MacNaughton

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