February 13, 2015

Feeling myself

How to Have a Good Relationship with Yourself - NYmag.com
I've translated romantic tips for couples so they apply to the most important relationship of your life. [Soundtrack.] 

In Praise of Revisiting a Favorite City - AFAR
Travel doesn't have to be about the thrill of the unknown.

Episode 19: Office Candy Dish - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, Amina and I discuss office candy-dish politics, our vocal insecurities, and the shine theory of Kanye & Taylor. Plus, the grossest period joke of all time.

I'm reading:

How we write about love. How Shulamith Firestone ruins Valentine's Day and 50 Shades ruins BDSM. A 1939 goysplaining essay, and the internet's favorite anti-Semitic image. A history of lynchings and of the FBI monitoring black writers. The most common type of terrorist. I'm fangirling over Lynsey Addario, Mac McClelland, Lily Tomlin, and Joni Mitchell. Iggy Azalea, notsomuch. Eugene Mirman reviews farts. (Pope Francis unfortunately not included in his review.) Fonts that explain the world. On being an Indian foreign correspondent in China, and a South Asian American actress who doesn't talk about race. Hollywood's hollow gun boycotts. What if the war on drugs isn't to blame for mass incarceration? The shame of family detention camps. A guide for gentrifiers. Who's going to pay cities' recycling bill? A seriously bleak account of our destroyed-climate futureRobots breaking the law. I need a "legacy contact" for Gmail more than Faceook, letsbereal. Is Skype breakup the new post-it breakup? The "Weathermen." On the girlhood in Boyhood. A gay-rights campaign in the Philippines. The history of erotic audio and "Like Uber, but for" jokes. Teach for America is losing its luster. A surprisingly interesting tour of Cupertino. A popular science syllabus. How The New York Times gets made. What it's like to write for SNL and be a YouTube starKanye as sacrosanct. A new short story from Amelia Gray. How to be invisible. (Which is also the title of a great Kate Bush song.) Lol, of course Kurt Andersen loves the 90s. I'm copying this list of often-mispronounced names and keeping it with me always.


"All the time, every day." Poet Mary Oliver. Living with chronic illness. Vintage women's suffrage valentines. Inequality in 2 graphs. Cops on racism on This American Life.


Happy v-day.

I endorse:

Eartha Kitt's views on love and compromise.

"For what? For what? For what?" This is from a woman who claims she once got it on with Paul Newman and James Dean at the same time, so you should probably listen to her.


"is it @annfriedman newsletter time? i've asked myself this thrice this week." -Kathleen. It's time!

"It's not officially Friday til the @annfriedman Weekly hits my inbox." -Katie Mitchell. Gonna keep this in mind next time I'm tempted to sleep in on a Friday. 

"Fridays are for seeing who else subscribes to @annfriedman's newsletter by the links they tweet." -Hilary Keller. It's basically a secret society that will have anybody as a member.

"The internet looks cuter on Saturday mornings because @annfriedman makes me click on wonderful little links." -Ju Cruz. This is the twee-est endorsement. I love it.
"Tough to explain, easy (and enjoyable) to read. You won't be sorry." -David Carr, back in June. I was beyond flattered to receive this testimonial from someone so well-respected within journalism, especially because he was not known for dispensing empty praise. I didn't work with the man. I don't think I ever met him. I don't have a personal anecdote to tell you about that one time he pep-talked me or gave me great advice or put me in my place. I simply really, really admired his work from afar and am very sad he's no longer with us.

Goddamnit, goddamnit. This newsletter is feeling itself.
Forward it. Yes, sir.

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