October 18, 2013

Flip it and reverse it

College Men: Stop Getting Drunk - NYmag.com

Sometimes gender-reversed parody is the only appropriate response to complete and utter bullshit. I’ll be discussing this on NPR’s To the Point later today.

Spin the Globe: Ann Friedman in Osaka - AFAR magazine

Thanks to Slate, now I know that I was basically asking for it every time I had one too many Asahis. Seriously, though, I had the best time. Pictures from the trip are here, here, and here.

The Treat Yo’ Self Pie - The Hairpin

Because you’re worth it.

#Realtalk: Is journalism public service or customer service? - Columbia Journalism Review

The deep questions.

I Bought It My Way - HelloLA! pop-up magazine by McSweeney’s and Airbnb

In which I get all zen at The Grove, that iconic L.A. shopping mall. (To read this online, you’ll have to click here, scroll down to the Grove section, and click on the “I Bought It My Way” thumbnail. Sorry it’s such a pain.)

I'm speaking:

Tonight! 6pm Eastern! Aminatou Sow and I are delivering the keynote address at the Online News Association’s 2013 conference. We’re talking about what journalists can learn from the guiding principle of our friendship, “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.” You can watch the livestream and follow the hashtag #ona13shine or #shinetheory.

I'm reading:

The complete, swoon-worthy 1978 Rolling Stone interview with Susan Sontag, plus her dispatch from Hanoi. The nightmares of rape in Maryville and breast cancer in Uganda and economic ruin in Russia. The intentional poor, who choose to live on $5,000 a year. Why Octavia Butler wrote science fiction and how Jesmyn Ward writes authentic fiction. Who decides what makes art good? Racism makes you feel crazy. Spike Jonze’s future L.A. is completely white. Why you’re not photogenic. Hint: It’s not because you’re angry, at least if you’re a dude. A brief history of “women aren’t funny” and the problem of female beauty. “One of the primary functions of makeup has been to delineate the public from the private.” How to sell clothes to bros. Inside a Bangladeshi sweat shop. Morrissey got his autobiography declared an instant classic. Didion and postwar California. Linda Ronstadt doesn’t give a fuck. An interview with Arnold Lobel, creator of the Frog & Toad books. On wordlessness and tickling and amnesia. This advice for brands on Twitter is also pretty good advice for humans on Twitter. Witches can’t have it all, but RuPaul totally can.

Spirit animal:

BOOM. This week I taped a YouTube show with George Takei (who called me “Ann Freedom,” you guys!), wrote a half-dozen articles, finally updated to iOS 7, and am about to drop some knowledge on a roomful of journalists in Atlanta. I feel great. Tired, but great.

I endorse:

Just the Tips, a web series in which two ladies named Katy & Katie attempt to take lifestyle advice seriously. THEY ARE HILARIOUS. Watch them recreate a Vogue fashion spread and arrange flowers.


This is the fourth in a recurring series in which I explain concepts you’re already quite familiar with. Thanks to "JadedJu" for this week’s query! Would you like me to Annsplain something to you? Submit a request.

HOW DO YOU CONNECT WITH STRANGERS AT PARTIES? Oh my dear. You do not “connect” with them! You just talk to them. This is life, not LinkedIn. And it’s simple. Instead of asking, “what do you do?”, ask, “what are you working on?” or “what did you do this week?” Then, no matter what they say, even if it's not very interesting to you, ask them a follow-up question about their response. Soon, you will be involved in a conversation!


Your newsletter is great.” -Mat Honan

Dude, you are prolific as fuck. I love it. Where do you find the time? I should delete civilization off my computer. And stop watching ICP videos on youtube.” -Eddie Saade

And a special shout-out to the lady who found my website while “doing some marijuana induced interneting.” It feels really good to know I’m reaching my target audience.

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