November 29, 2013

Food coma

Pie chart: What are we thankful for? - The Hairpin

Today? Leftovers, mostly.

I'm reading:

The wayward guru of cowboy psychedelia. What you can learn from the YouTube comments on Bob Seger’s “Night Moves.” The human cost of the drone war. Why did thousands of spambots descend on one high-schooler? There is no “normal” American family. How to support domestic violence survivors. Birth control and the Supreme Court. A double-crossing hitman. Only rich people complain about Black Friday. Chelsea Manning gives thanks. The 40-year-old orphan. The myth of Silicon Valley meritocracy. Republicans’ plan to woo women. Against juice cleanses.


I may have overindulged yesterday.

I endorse:

Watching School of Rock (or perhaps a Nancy Meyers joint) in your underwear while eating leftovers.


Inbox pinged- yes! It's the @annfriedman weekly! Now to pretend I'm working when I'm actually reading…” -Amy Huva

yet again, day made by @annfriedman.” -robin

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