April 11, 2014

Going the distance

Moving for Love: The Modern Relationship Milestone - NYmag.com

When the normally low-simmering tension between work and relationships is distilled to a single big decision.

I’m reading:

Kansas City’s 1960s drag scene. “I know how women who fail in this industry are treated." Stop telling women to smile. A moving tribute to a slain photojournalist. Forbidden love between astrology believers and nonbelievers. The best Courtney Love interview ever. The debate over RuPaul’s transphobia. An open letter from James Baldwin to Angela Davis. The 2014 Whitney Biennial is literally a figment of a white man’s imagination. Men hugging. A wife of one’s own. Why spouses in happy marriages cheat. Breeding in captivity. The pain and joy of an undisciplined body. Sliding into homelessness. The unbundling of Craigslist and the invention of new vegetables. Gary Shteyngart reviews LA restaurants. Great con artists in LA history. The woman who made Apple’s first icons. “It was like DUH! FUCKING DUHHH!


Orson Welles wine commercial outtakes. And the remix.



A classic, I know. But topical! This newsletter is coming to you directly from MailChimp/TinyLetter’s offices in Atlanta, where I gave a talk today about dominating your haters. Look at this incredible artist’s rendering of me as the above gif:


When I die, please make this the image that accompanies my obituary.

I endorse:


I saw this shirt on Tumblr and freaked out and promptly bought several. They’re made by artist Sophia Wallace. So far I’ve only worn mine once, while running errands at Walgreen’s, and no one even batted an eye. Can’t decide if that pleases me or not.


After last week’s technical difficulties, I know how much you really love me.

“I was beginning to wonder if time had stopped or something. I guess I'm measuring my life in newsletters, now." -Aboubacar Ndiaye

“my inbox lit up like it won the jackpot this Monday. Monday? Now it's more like fun day!” -Alaina.

“the @annfriedman newsletter just appeared in my inbox and i was like WAIT SHIT HOW IS IT FRIDAY STILL” -Sarah. This is a two-newsletter week! #blessed

"warming up to the GIFspiration, Ann. First Nick Cage (thank you) then RD Jr (again, another celebrity old enough for me to name) and then these guys...  Must be time to get out there and see what's available in the guy pool this Spring, I'm thinking. " -Anne Shipley again, back to revise her previous negative assessment of my taste in gifs. My friends have the best moms.

“currently listening to whitney houston and reviewing @annfriedman pie charts. sorry, cubemates, this is the only way imunna make it today.” -Small Meaty. I get so emotional, baby.

This newsletter goes the distance.

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