January 03, 2014

Hangover helper

Welcome to 2014!

Epitaph of a Small Winner - Bookforum

I read all 500 pages of a new biography of Dale Carnegie, but I’m not any clearer on how to win friends or influence people.

What’s on Your Holiday Wish List? - Los Angeles magazine

I waited all year for the opportunity to make a joke about Slayer dudes at the farmer’s market.

Ann Friedman’s Best Things of 2013 - The Hairpin

If you opened last week’s newsletter, there’s absolutely no reason to click this.

I’m reading:

Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga. (#vacationreads) The Disneyfication of Tibet. High for the holidays—in the hiking sense, not the druggy sense. The murder of a magic-mushroom mad scientist. Los Angeles and the frontier of the pot economy. Interviews with Edward Albee and David Byrne. The daddy track. The cult of the super-rich—and their $500 blenders.


I’m really feeling 2k14 already.

I endorse:

Kedgeree. This recipe was a solid New Year’s Day hangover-killer.


“Goddammit, this was a good message. I'm stealing it for 2014. Seriously.” -Amy Webb. Please do! I want to read about everyone’s best things, every year.

“two things make my fridays: @annfriedman's weekly digest and @eat24's coupon code emails.” -Marcos J. Sahm. New newsletter goal for the year: Find snaxx sponsorship and include coupons.

“I also like @annfriedman 's year-end newsletter because I like Ann Friedman.” -Brittney McNamara. *blushing*

I have no suggestions for how to do it better.” -Chloe Heintz. Can we sway together while singing this?

It is truly astonishing to me only 3,650 people have subscribed considering I know at least ten of them. Looking forward to sharing your newsletter with many of my friends in the new year!” -Kelton Wright. Yes! Correct!

This newsletter lost its voice screaming in a bar on New Year’s Eve.

Forwarding it is the equivalent of making meaningful eye contact with a friend.

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