June 27, 2014

Happiness is a warm glue gun

The Scary Reason Some Men Like Guns Better Than Women - NYmag.com

You pull the trigger, it responds. We all shudder.

The “Reality” Filter Pie - The Hairpin

If Instagram reflected real life...

Episode 2: Wedding Season - Call Your Girlfriend

In the latest installment of our Entertainment Weekly-endorsed podcast, Amina and I discuss wedding survival tips, bullshit innovation, defending Pitbull, (not) watching the World Cup, and dressing for success. Plus our pal Cord Jefferson tells us about the glamorous life of a Hollywood screenwriter. Subscribe in iTunes!

I’m reading:

Yo! An American soccer fan walks into a bar… Bad feminists and narcissistic do-gooders. What it’s like to know you’re going blind and have a lot of one-night stands. Vintage homoerotic horseplay among soldiers. ZEPPELIN. What we talk about when we talk about hot felons. Going home to North Carolina. Yet another trend story about twentysomethings who won’t move out. Blowing up the mothership. Write a bestselling e-book; stay broke. George Saunders on how to write funny. Vintage HRC sexism, and why Hillary needs a female opponent. I hate seeing women broadcast journalists stepping down at the age most men are hailed as esteemed elder statesmen. A counterintuitive argument for having children. Tablet waiters. Limits of the locavore. Webcammed eagles. Data centers of the Arctic. A kids’ movie that has no princess! The paradox of Lana Del Rey. When Prince calls, you answer. When Robin Thicke calls, you run. No country for old pervs.

[Most of you guys were agnostic or disliked the bitlink list. Also I was busy this week. So at least for now, we’re back to paragraph-only.]


New FKA twigs. A proto-Approval Matrix from 1949. Gross: “Sport is a continuation of war by other means.” Fashionable lesbians of the 1970s.



More specifically, my weekend plans are this.

I endorse:


The only guns I endorse are glue guns. I have used them for minor appliance repair, rhinestone application, amateur cobblery, and so much more. This spring I saw a stage adaptation of Ridley Scott’s Alien produced and performed by bus drivers, and the alien costume was held together entirely by hot glue. If you must arm yourself, consider a glue gun. Just don’t buy it from Hobby Lobby. And still be careful.

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are a couple of spaces left, but this thing is almost full. More info here.


“più svelta dei contrattempi, oggi. è perché leggo Ann Friedman // smarter than snags today. because I read @annfriedman” -Ilaria Romano. Google-translated testimonials are the best testimonials.

“As kids we had Saturday morning cartoons. As adults (or kids play acting as adults), we have @annfriedman's newsletter. Always fresh Day 2.” -Adam Maynard. I need to get a cereal sponsor, stat.

“Guys @annfriedman's newsletter is the best newsletter west of the Mississippi.” -Elika Roohi. I’m coming for you, east.

“What would MY emoji for "ladyswagger" be? Probably the thumbs up emoji with a long acrylic nail on the thumb." Chad Kouri. YES TO THIS.

“Just made a student of mine wait to talk to me because I was reading @annfriedman's newsletter. Don't act like you wouldn't do the same.” -Matt Rabatin. I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them sit and wait while you click all my links.

This newsletter is hotter than a stick of hot glue.

Forward it everyone who’s scrapbookin’ with you.

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