September 06, 2015

Happy (belated) B'Day!

You're receiving this late due to some technical difficulties. Sorry 'bout that! I'm making some changes soon so this (hopefully) won't happen again.

This week:

I worked on a lot of things that haven't been published yet. In the meantime, enjoy this delightful whiskey review in which I make a tiny cameo.

I'm reading:

Life on $2 a day, in America. Taking your parents to college. The truth about political correctness, from Julia Serano and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Vintage Trump. "Why I don't date white men." The witches of SalemThoughts on sex work and stigma. Dodie Bellamy and Eileen Myles reviewed. The art of loving and losing female friends. Fall is the hottest time. The politics of N.W.A. On white people shaming certain foods, and white cluelessness about Beyoncé. Miley will get out of her own way if she knows what's good. Breast milk is mind-boggling. How trolls created a feminist. The meaning of "women's work." A conversation with Elena Ferrante. Lisa Frank on Lisa Frank. Koko the gorilla is in a good mood. Tripping with Oliver Sacks. Is it possible to be remembered as both a genius and a jerk? Stop rewarding "innovation." Twitter is using you. What tech nerds don't get about politics. Willie Nelson as a weed entrepreneur. Permanent Burning Man. lol, Soho House. A guide to LA neighborhoods. A coastal snob gets what's coming... Midwest niceness. You really don't need to work so much. aflkgfasdkgajdaskljvdkg.


Vogue's September issue archives are free right now. Hilton Als & Tavi Gevinson. Renata Adler on the Longform podcast. I love Miguel.


Nine, four, eight, one, B-Day. Truly blessed that Queen B's birthday falls on a newsletter Friday. Listen to dedications from her family and friends. Or celebrate with me by putting "Grown Woman" on repeat, donning a tiara, and surrounding yourself with trophies.

I endorse:

L.A. chicana punk feminist icon Alice Bag is fundraising for her first album. Also check out her autobiography, Violence Girl, A Chicana Punk Story: From East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage.


Sept 15, Los Angeles: I'll be interviewing Rachel Hills about her new book, The Sex Myth, at Pages bookstore in Manhattan Beach. Details here.

Sept 28, the internet: I'm doing an AMA for ProductHunt. Sign up for a reminder to send me your questions during this live chat next month. 


"@annfriedman in my inbox means the week is over -Mimi. It's a long American weekend, you guys. Enjoy it.

"catching up on the @annfriedman newsletter is the new catching up on The @NewYorker" -Jennifer Clark. You should probably still subscribe to The New Yorker tho.

"Super strong coffee, scones, and the @annfriedman newsletter. That's what Saturday looks like." -Brittany Giles. This is straight outta my Nancy Meyers/goop dreams.  

"Sigh. Every Friday, I'm reminded that I want to be @annfriedman when I grow up." -Rachel Reed. You, too, can develop posture issues from too many hours hunched over a computer and try to correct them by imitating regal Beyoncé videos in your bedroom! My lifestyle is 100% attainable.
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