November 28, 2014

How the sausage gets made

I'm in Guatemala this week at a yoga & writing retreat that my friend Gracy and I put together. I am not paying attention to the internet. So I made this newsletter ahead of time. Rather than link to the news and relevant GIFs of the week, I thought I'd link to the sources of all those great links, and tell you a bit about how I put this thing together.

Everything I've ever written for
I write for my fantastic editors at The Cut every week. Selected hits include missives on Shine Theorypulling out, lady-bossing, and the male biological clock.

Every pie chart I've ever published
I'm getting back into the pie-chart groove soon, I promise.

And more selections from my archive.

I'm reading:

All of the publications with "New York" in the title, in some combination of online and in print. If I'm traveling I buy Vanity Fair and GQ and ELLE at airport newsstands. I keep The Gentlewoman and The Baffler on my coffee table. I pay for a digital subscription to The New Inquiry, which is fantastic. I read all the usual publications online—stuff from the Washington Post and the LA Review of Books and Jacobin and The Toast and The Guardian and Jezebel and Aeon and The New Republic and BuzzFeed and lots of random stuff on Medium. I find most links on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, obviously. I am addicted to the Longform App. Also, my friend Josh sends me lots of links. He's the digital-era equivalent of your grandma who meticulously combs the newspaper, clips out articles that might interest you, and mails them to you. He is the best.
Speaking of email, I subscribe to a lot of newsletters! Every day I look at the NYT's Today's Headlines, The Broadsheet, and Rusty Foster's Today in Tabs. I keep up with Alexis Madrigal's 5 Intriguing Things and The Lunch ReadOn busy week/ends, I rely on Jessica McCarthy's This Week on the Internet and Matt Thomas's Sunday New York Times Digest, which are both phenomenal cheat sheets. I enjoy Gabriel Arana's Reader, Adam Serwer's Worst Behavior, ‚ÄčLana Labermeier's fab life in FranceSean Bonner's The Crowd, Austin Kleon's weekly update, Eric Uhlir's The Tagline, and Amanda Mattos's A Series of TubesI get goop for the lols. I just signed up for Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. And I looove the Harper's Weekly, which was the inspiration for this paragraph-style "I'm reading" section.

I bookmark everything in Instapaper, even if I've already read it on an app or in my browser. My Instapaper archive serves as a record so that on Friday, I just pull all of the links from there.


Music Vault has decades of concerts. I love these super strange edits of B-movies. The Awl's music tumblr is a delight. But mostly I find videos and photos the same way I find any other link.

I endorse:

Usually this section features links to my friends' projects, or other stuff I want to support. I also have a section of my personal website with links to friends' websites—sort of a permanent people-endorsement page.


Tumblr. Letsbereal, they are almost always from Tumblr. Every once in awhile they are from friends—like this one:

Mesmerizing. You know you can always send me your favorite gifs, right?


You guys send me the best emails and tweet the nicest things about this newsletter. Thank you. In large part due to your evangelical efforts, this thing now has more than 10,600 subscribers! I send it every Friday without fail, so I get VERY frustrated at the fact that some of you don't receive it every single week, thanks to spam filters and other email drama. If you ever wake up on Saturday and realize you didn't receive a newsletter yesterday, you can always find it in the online archive.
This newsletter will be news-relevant again soon.
Forward it to everyone who needs a vacation.
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