March 21, 2014

I can’t fight this tweeting anymore

Why j-schoolers are depressed - Columbia Journalism Review

...but shouldn’t be! That’s what I told those stressed-out Missouri journalism students last week.

Pie chart: How do we know we’re in the Midwest? - The Hairpin

This really needs to be a full infographic, in part because I failed to include an REO Speedwagon reference. I just spent 8 days in the Midwest and heard “Keep on Loving You” in no fewer than 5 public establishments. (Not counting my personal Spotify plays.)


I started a curation project several years ago to draw more attention to the work of women writers. I’ve really let it lapse over the past year, but I’m newly recommitted. Follow along on Tumblr or Twitter. And while you’re at it, follow Journos of Color.

I’m reading:

This essay about what it’s like to be a writer with dementia made me ugly-cry on an airplane. A non-superfan on the importance of Beyoncé. The politics of interracial friendship and the whitewashed world of children’s books. Hashtags are radical. So inspired by Laverne Cox and Anita Hill. A philosophical perspective on Klout scores. How moral panic about social media made teenagers more vulnerable. More tales of Silicon Valley sexism… and ageism. What outsider journalists don’t get about San Francisco, and Chinatown in its own words. “The whole time I’ve been building my audience I’ve also been trying to unbuild the walls that come with having an audience, with having power.” The gender gap in foreign policy. A defense of opinion journalism against feigned neutrality. Hip (lol) young (lol) Republicans. A man and his codpiece. The breast pump has not been redesigned in 60 years. A love letter to Eileen Fisher and a tribute to L’Wren Scott, who was always more than someone’s girlfriend. The world cries out for better political biopics. The making of a chain restaurant menu. Why Americans are obsessed with St. Patrick’s Day (Yanks love it!), and the Irish are obsessed with Garth Brooks. The shame of fat-shaming. Against unplugging. Shout out to my short ladies.


Every episode of Broad City (I know I’m late but not that late). Miss Piggy + Wendy Williams. Zadie Smith + Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A new documentary about photographer Vivian Maier. And tonight I’m seeing Teenage. Cannot wait.



No particular reason. I just love this.

I endorse:

This thing that allows you to easily find your first tweet. Here’s mine:


Yawn. So many first tweets are ultra boring. But what if we all searched Gmail for our first private conversation about Twitter? Here’s mine, from August 2007:


SO EMBARRASSING. In our defense this was more than six years ago. But wow, Younger Ann is the worst. “Super fucked-up?” Really? What a Pollyanna. Here’s another one from two days before I joined in 2009:


This advice came from a woman who now has 57,000 followers. Do your own mail search and reply with your earliest documented thoughts about Twitter. We’ll see who’s laughing then.


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Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend:

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