August 09, 2013

I choose my choice!

The Real Lesson of the ‘Opt-Out’ Generation -

Even though the recession has made the workplace less flexible and more hostile to everyone, including men, the career/children dilemma remains one that is boiled down to women’s choices.

Stand By Your Man? How Huma Can Do What Hillary Couldn’t -

See how many lyrics from Tammy Wynette’s hit you can find throughout this piece. (They appear in order.)

Pie chart: What are we doing while walking alone through a sketchy block? - The Hairpin

I’ve gotten so good at placing fake phone calls.

Powers We Wish Eric Garcetti Had - Los Angeles magazine

A pie chart for the new mayor.

#Realtalk: Translating the newsroom into tech jargon

In case your new boss is a technology billionaire. Or something.

I also chatted with Jess Carbino on her podcast, the Hookup with Dr. Jess, about my recent Newsweek story, When Rape Goes Viral. >> Listen here. <<

I'm reading:

Brian Eno in New York. The battle for the British Library. On loving the great city of Austin, Eminem, and fact checking. Wendy Davis might run for governor! The awkward marriage of Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Danielle Steel on the sexism of being asked, “So... are you still writing?” The missed connection as short-form fiction. “It’s rare to find a man who really charms you.” And even rarer, apparently, to find one who lives on his own or is willing to take a male birth-control pill. Female chauvinist pigs, redux. An invisible link in the fast-fashion supply chain. Realtalk about monogamy. Carl Sagan’s pseudonymous love letter to marijuana. Why women aren’t funny. Why you can’t stop looking at photos on Facebook, and what Google knows about you. Why the federal government hoards raisins. The drone strike that killed a 16-year-old American. A history of office life. A writer writes her own obituary. And finally, Mr. Show!!

Spirit animals:

I’m still in London, wearing blousey silk shirts and dancing in the streets. Obviously.

I endorse:

Whiskey ice cream. Here is a selfie of me consuming it:

Thank you, people of Ireland, for this unbelievably delicious treat.


“This week sucked so bad that I didn't even get @annfriedman's newsletter.” -Leticia Abreu. I’m sorry! (Ok, actually not sorry.)

I was included in this list of Web Time Wasters. I’ll call it a compliment.

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PSA for Gmail users: The upgraded version is apparently pushing newsletters to the 'promotions' tab.  Easy solution—you just drag and drop to 'primary' tab, and it’ll show up like normal. (Thanks to Glynnis MacNicol of The, another stellar newsletter, for the head’s up.)