May 31, 2013

I don’t shine if you don’t shine.

Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends -

The crucial life lesson I learned from my core friend Amina, and a secret of power ladies everywhere. Also, maybe TMI, but she and I are sharing a hotel room at a wedding this weekend and the concierge somehow got the idea (maybe s/he reads The Cut?) that we are celebrating an engagement and I DON’T MIND one bit. Also, I just had this #powercouples GIF sitting around and didn’t even have to make it to accompany this article.

The art of the interview - Columbia Journalism Review

I asked several excellent journalists how to ask better questions.

Pie chart: Why Are We No Longer Crushing On You? - The Hairpin

I love this alternative, from the comments section: “100% ate a croissant; all needs were satisfied; the feeling passed.”

Not-So-Secret L.A. Secrets - Los Angeles magazine

We’re all in on it!

I'm reading:

Incredibly moving stories about surviving wildfires in California and tornadoes in Oklahoma. All about alpha moms and alpha dads (whither the betas?), plus an important privilege check featuring Tom Petty. Turns out that Dennis Rodman fancies himself a diplomat, and Brittney Griner and I had the same experience in middle school. Teens hate Facebook—unless they’re Amish. The pleasure of reading books about drugs, and quotes from the underground internet drug czar who calls himself Dread Pirate Roberts. How researchers basically made up the “crack babies” scare of the 1980s. A history of “Fuck Yeah!” Tumblrs. The case for renaming depression. Apparently vegetarian taxidermy is a thing. Kate Bush and Yoko Ono continue to be wonderful. And then there’s Daniel Bergner’s What Do Women Want?, which I read (shamelessly, with the dust jacket on!) in various bars around Los Angeles. I live-texted the chapters about sexually aggressive rhesus monkeys to a few ladyfriends, but the rest of you will have to wait ‘til next week to read my review.

Spirit animal:

JUST KIDDING. Ultimate power move is not caring who’s jealous and who isn’t.

Summer Jet-Setting:

Next week AFAR magazine is sending me on a mystery trip to a location that won't be disclosed to me until 24 hrs before I step on the plane. My only clues so far? I'll need my passport and the weather will be slightly warmer than it is in Los Angeles. The suspense is KILLING ME. (Service announcement: Depending on how remote this location is, you may not receive a newsletter next week. Who knows?!)

Then in August I’ll be speaking (with my pal Dylan C. Lathrop) at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland. If you’ve got some Midwest pride, creative inclinations, and/or a few dollars to spare, the festival’s Kickstarter campaign could use your help. Related: I cannot wait to nerd out at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Will definitely be wearing a Zeppelin shirt.

I endorse:

Jacaranda trees, which are purple-raining all over my neighborhood right now. Swoon.


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