July 11, 2014

I'll have what she's having.

What Hillary Clinton and Hobby Lobby Have in Common - NYmag.com

Personal beliefs vs. professional obligations.

Gawker’s experiment in making office chats public - Columbia Journalism Review

I love a good group-chat. Do readers?

Episode 3: Independent Ladies - Call Your Girlfriend

On the podcast, Amina and I discuss R.B.G., repping America, the song of the summer, prehistoric gynecological medicine, and the enduring power of rosé. Remember to subscribe on iTunes!

I also talked to The New Republic about grown women who have best friends (plural!).

I’m reading:

International surrogacy is mindblowing. RBG is the best non-Beyonce meme. The LeBron James profile that Nike killed. How a wrestling star became an HIV scapegoat. The honey shot. A 9-year-old explains the World Cup. The joy of (not) exercising. Death and breakups on Facebook. Why marketing gets no respect in tech. Serious quotas work. Debunking the model minority myth. The shape of days. Isaac Newton’s personal papers. Billionaire mathematicians and impoverished writers. Anna Holmes and Leslie Jamison on their writerly regrets. Words coined by writers. Columbusing. Transgender rights vs. realities. Trigger warning: Breakfast. Next-level forgiveness. A horrifying death at a sugar factory. You look so pretty when you’re slack-jawed in front of the computer. Compton can't forget about DreAmerican Apparel unravels. The history of Calvin peeing decals. In praise of 56-year-old men. 95% match.


Grace Jones and Sade forever. (Both of these videos came on BBC Four very late at night and I was so happy I thought I’d been raptured.) A microscopic music video. Design criticism and #feelings. Excellent GIF collage art.




I endorse:


I know you’ve all seen Beyoncé Voters, but I have to endorse anyway it because it is flawless.


“Thank you for contacting me with your thoughts and concerns. This is an automated response to assure you your message has been received. Your e-mails provide me with the information I need to better serve our community as your State Senator. -KEMP HANNON, Senator, 6th District. I love that this newsletter is helping a New York State senator better serve his community.

“Juicy.” -Rebecca Dickson. I’ve been called “meaty” and “beefy,” too.

“A lovely #fourthofjuly surprise: @annfriedman's newsletter. You're just sitting there watching #GERvsFRA, so sign up.” -Scott Burau. Bored World Cup-watchers are my core demographic.

“I love @annfriedman 's newsletter so much I had a dream I saw her from afar at a restaurant and was too intimidated to go up and meet her.” -Sophia CK. The dream version of me was probably too engrossed in her food to notice.

This newsletter aims to better serve you.

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