August 07, 2015

I love you, man.

This week:

I wrote about a few of my professional failures for "She's the Boss" week at The Cut. I also interviewed an incredible woman, Carla Harris, about how to find a mentor. 

I'm reading:

Why your rent is so damn high. The failure of criminal justice reform in Missouri. His friend Dorian Johnson and his killer Darren Wilson, one year after Michael Brown's death. The Met abandons blackface. Apparently Jiro dreams of sushi and sexism. Should doctors be deciding babies' genderThe race to be the Uber of fertility, and the taboo of donor eggs. The couple and throuple who are having a baby together, and the straight men who are sleeping together. One in three women are under attack by these terroristsFonts & feminismGreat conversations with Claudia Rankine and Molly Crabapple and Issa Rae. It's time for black women to fall in love on screen. "But they don't stop swiping." A hot night with a furry. Kermit, Piggy, and fat dating trauma. On codependency and love. We should talk about Amy Winehouse's eating disorder. Nobody's been the same person twice. The makeup tax, and why we need older women at work. How Jon Stewart embodied early-2000s progressivism: funny, passionate, self-deprecating, white, male. My homme de plume would be Anton Friedman—it has a real daguerrotype-boyfriend feel. Probably wouldn't pick Atticus

Pie chart:

The "Women's Health Issues" Pie. I realize now that the condom slice should be way bigger, and I could have eliminated the word "poor." (Gonna try to make a pie every week! The archive is here.)


Must-see movies by women directors. The Ferguson court case, re-enacted verbatim. I'm tired.


In honor of "the perfect confluence of pants too tight and a stage squat too deep." 

I endorse:

Weird Dude Energy, source of the above GIF. (Warning: The header image has butts in it, so might be NSF your W.) Something about seeing all those men onstage at the GOP debate last night makes me want to endorse this expertly-curated tumblr. It is difficult to put into words exactly what weird dude energy is, but if you scroll and keep scrolling, I think you'll get it. I also think the women who run this blog are geniuses at chronicling the waning years of a particular strain of masculinity.


"Thank you for curating your kick-ass weekly newsletter. It warms my heart." -Nicki Richesin. I aspire to kick asses and warm hearts, but have also done my fair share of kicking hearts and warming asses.

"Receiving the @annfriedman newsletter is the highlight of Friday" -Rosalyn Humm. Better than the moment you close your laptop at the end of the day? Better than the moment you take your first sip of that happy-hour bev? Really? I'm flattered.

"A day off of work, a new @callyrgf podcast, rollerblading on a sunny day, and @annfriedman 's newsletter #bestfriday" -Christine H. ROLLERBLADES! You do you, Christine H.

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