December 06, 2013

I'm a little gay. You're a little gay.

What a week!

Why Should Fluid Sexuality Be for Women Only? -

Shout out to all of you fine people with sexualities for which there is no label!

(I don’t write these headlines, people.)

Why You’re So Sad About Paul Walker’s Death -

Or if you’re not, how to understand people who are.

Pie chart: What have we made our peace with? - The Hairpin


What I Read - The Wire

This is a transcript of a rambling phone interview I did about my media diet.

#Realtalk: Viral Done Right - Columbia Journalism Review

Just because it’s clicky doesn’t mean it’s tacky.

Stevie Nicksing 24/7 -

Because I’m more than just pie charts, ok?

I'm reading:

Mandela in his own words. A truly lovely essay about grief. What the Kiev protests look like on Russian TV. Why Lorde is like Nirvana. Quantifying heartbreak. The case for responsible grown men smoking weed, and for everyone getting a card. Professional identity is a privilege of the rich. The low-wage laborers of liberal media and invisible work that goes into writing for the internet. Christmas from the point of view of luxury retail workers and big-box employees. Outgrowing materialism. The billion-dollar trash trade. On being poor. What it’s like to be a Palestinian activist living in Israel. Why are people so into extreme athletics when we could all just be taking a brisk walk? Legally, everything’s a person now! Stop eavesdropping and live-tweeting it. A homeless woman who didn’t die alone. Dr. Ruth forever. It’s not the year of the black movie. Why The Fast & The Furious is actually super progressive. Misogynist gun owners are scary. This send-up of women’s mag editing hits way too close to home. Why you love lists. Instructions for young manhood. What young gay men don’t know about AIDS. The passion of Dan Choi. On Obamacare and government trust. And the power of pubes, DuckTales, and sleeping pills,


I endorse:

Media made by women! (I’m sure you’re shocked to learn this.) We could use a few more women making media, and two great nonprofits are trying to raise some dollars:

Women, Action & The Media

WAM! is a nonprofit network dedicated to gender justice in media. Bid on a custom pie chart or GIF story by yours truly!


An awesome incubator for up-and-coming voices, this blog was my first internet home. Give generously and I’ll make you a custom pie chart or GIF story. (I know it says only the GIF stories are left, but I’ll make you some pie if you prefer.)

The end is near:

Last year I made a list of my 2012 highlights, and I’ve just started making the end-of-2013 edition. Draft items include:

- Best pre-orgasmic moan I heard this year: That of a giant tortoise

- Best thing I transported in the back seat of my car this year: One large tumbleweed

- Best classic sci-fi actor I hugged this year: George Takei

I’d love to hear about your crowning achievements this year and make a collective list, which I’ll include in the last newsletter of 2013. Just hit “reply” and fill in the blanks: “Best   [NOUN]   I   [VERB]ed   this year.”


Oh, thank god. I was so worried there wouldn't be a holiday edition. BlackFriday is so boring when you're trying to avoid anywhere that sells anything. Thank you for saving me from myself!” -carotoe

Every Friday I falsely believe @annfriedman's newsletter is a personal message to me. Especially b/c this week's update is titled food coma” -Allison Pohle. In my world, food comas are not limited to Thanksgiving.

The @annfriedman newsletter is everything good about the Internet.” -Sam Zabell. <3 <3 <3

This newsletter doesn’t care what you label yourself, as long as you’re getting off.

Forward it to your friends of all sexualities!

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