December 19, 2014

I'm eating junk and watching rubbish

2014: The Year Everyone (Finally) Started Talking About Sexual Assault -

Episode 15: Origin story - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, we tell you how it all began and tackle reader questions.

I'm reading:

Good White People. Where the danger beginsThe day 43 Mexican students went missing. NAFTA is making us fat. The truth about your produce. Migrant labor in the UAE. What North Koreans eat and find funny. The CIA's architects of torture. A Muslim's display of Christmas robolightsI love fact-checkers. The power of headlines. How to build a newsroom, or implode one. Stop denying the pay gap exists. Bosslady lessons from Grimes. Two weeks on bulletproof coffeeGarbage and shitpics. The war for eyeballs. Diabetics: the original self-quantifiers. How prisons are failing transgender inmates. Life with 12 female ultimate fighters. The deluge that won't end the drought. How much does being a Lyft driver really pay? The life and times of a modern-day bookie. The first cyberfeministsYahoo is a real mess. How cults work. "It's like showers of sparkles." The intimacy of group chat. The ethics of the Sony hack. Obama's deportation mill. Give this woman a gossip site. How to get rejected. How to get to 'no.' "I don't do Kwaanza." Courting controversy as a PR strategy. The giving conundrumNicki Minaj is a treasure. Capote on the art of fiction. When goths grow up. Where college grads are moving. Boy I'm bakin'.


Taco truck confessions. Azealia! Bill Nye explains evolution with emoji. Springsteen in '78. Drunk J.Crew. I saw Selma and it was incredible. 


This is the most accurate holiday scene of all time.

Bonus: The 12 Days of GIFmas, courtesy of the Smithsonian.

I endorse:

This pie zine, by Muriel Vega and featuring a pie chart by yours truly. A mere $10. All proceeds benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.


"I can't deal with how awesome the @annfriedman weekly is this week. I have so much work left to do that I have to ban myself from it for now." -Jane Ruffino. I applaud your self-control!

"I just clicked every link in @annfriedman's 'Gifts that I endorse" section of this week's newsletter. I couldn't help myself." -Scott Burau. Hit up Jane for some self-control tips, Scott.

"You are 100% getting me through my new job's 80 hour workweeks that mean I no longer have enough time awake to read the whole internet." -Liz Chen. I am here to humbly serve the over-worked and under-internetted. 

"Your email is the best part of my week, unless my cat does this thing where he falls asleep with both paws over his eyes and looks simultaneously tuckered out and exasperated." -Kevin Simowitz. I am not a cat person, yet I am flattered.

"Highlight of my (hungover) Friday." -Jayme. The holiday party circuit is brutal.

And thanks to Amber Van Natten and Megan Garner for tweeting their testimonials in the form of a Pocket-enabled infographic.

Service announcement:

Because I am a total maniac, this is *not* the last newsletter of the year. I'll send a special end-of-2014 edition next week.

All this newsletter wants for Christmas is you.
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