May 30, 2014

Internet cardio

Pie chart: Why didn’t we exercise this week? - The Hairpin

Join me for internet cardio this week.

Hashtag journalism - Columbia Journalism Review

Is it laziness or audience accountability when reporters source their stories from Twitter trending topics?

Plus: Deep thoughts on productivity and working from home.

A new episode of Call Your Girlfriend coming early next week! Subscribe on iTunes and you’ll know as soon as it’s posted.

I’m reading:

Remembering Maya Angelou. The unbearable whiteness of NPR. “This water tells my story.” A men’s rights movement primer. Toxic male entitlement and its consequences, fully catalogued. How to wait out your friend’s asshole boyfriend. The feminist case for home ec and for Taylor Swift. Putting art online and selling it off. How to win the lottery and write two books in one year. The class war at college. Rich girls who slut-shame. “A certain type of male thinking.” How did gay life get so straight? What not to say on a first date with a Desi. Testing a cross-country dating service. Women and the “sharing economy.” The other side of deportation. Angelina, Charlize, Janet, Chirlane. Truly political political cartoons. A kidnapping in North Korea. How should editors edit? True summer. On patterns. ICYMI.


Country music portraits. Why “color blind” is bullshit. African women sing. Pretty much every vid from Tom Petty’s 1985 Southern Accents tour.



This is what it’s like after you open the newsletter, right? (Credit: Design genius Jennifer Daniel)

I endorse:


The Personal Space Dress, part of the Urban Armor series from artist Kathleen McDermott

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are still spaces left! More info here.


“I'm finally getting to my backlog of your newsletters. Frankly, I'm embarrassed... I ONLY HAVE MYSELF TO BLAME." -Elizabeth Moser. It’s never too late to turn your life around.

"Low-maintenance ladyswagger is the best thing I've read all week. I'd totally join you for happy hour." - Lisa from northern Saskatchewan. I’m taking you up on this next time I’m in northern Saskatchewan.

“One time @LetsTakeSomeE and I spent #sundayfunday drinking mimosas and german beers and creating pie charts a la @annfriedman” -Stefanie Gans. Lifestyle as testimonial. **weeping with pride**

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