February 21, 2014

Is it sexist that I'm turned on right now?

My Barbies Had So Much Sex. It Was Great. - NYmag.com

On young girls and the important distinction between sexual and sexualized.

An Interview with Miranda July - COS magazine

We wear the same lipstick!

Pie chart: What are straight, white, male feminists worrying about? - The Hairpin

Many people have mistaken the “Death/cancer” slice for “Dental cancer” and interpreted as a reference to Michael Douglas. I wish I’d thought of that first.

Lifetime TV Network Reinvents its Melodramas - Bloomberg Businessweek

I was paid to watch Lifetime Original Movies and write about them. Truly living the dream.

#Realtalk: The next generation of diversity - Columbia Journalism Review

Why do so few reports about media diversity account for digital outlets?

Also, pick up the latest issue of The Gentlewoman, which features an essay I wrote about the pleasures of drinking alone. It’ll look great on your coffee table. Next to that cocktail you're enjoying alone.

I’m reading:

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Jordan Davis. Why Kiev is burning. Toni “I don't feel guilty about anything” Morrison. Lorrie Moore! Which Supreme Court justice are you? Gay marriage can’t lose. The masterminds behind the Ready for Hillary PAC, and the new (old) math of public womanhood. The hypocritical uproar over the new minimum wage. A new anti-choice strategy to ban all 2nd trimester abortions. Horrifying: A stop-and-frisk ends in a ruptured testicle. Decades of abuse at a Florida boys’ school. A sexual assault crisis at “God’s Harvard” and in an Indian newsroom. How white feminism fails indigenous women. Against voluntourism. The official center of the world. New Mexicans do it longer. Hot Franco-on-LaBeouf action. “There is a singular pleasure in hearing a good story told aloud.” Why the NFL rejected a Rhodes Scholar. Questlove on discovering new music the analog way. The blogger who broke the news about the Target security breach. When your video goes viral but someone else gets the clicks. Why Google Plus is still around. Everything you ever wanted to know about magazine covers. (Speaking of, do you follow Cover Junkie?) The leg-clenching history of ’natural’ childbirth. The Facebook effect. Doomed love. The intern hamster wheel. What works for (non-rich, non-white) women at work. What teens are really doing online. So proud of my home state.


Feeling so good about all the work I managed to get done this week despite binge-watching all of House of Cards.

I endorse:

This Shakespearean insult kit, an internet classic. Or, if you’d rather, let the machine do the work. Sent to me by my bestie Josh, who comments, “Perhaps thou wouldst love this since thou art but a mewling swag-bellied strumpet!” That churlish sheep-biting fustilarian knows me so well. (Related lol.)


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