September 19, 2014

Just another lady without a baby

What If You Just Don't Know If You Want Kids? -
Shoutout to the parenthood-ambivalent.

I'm reading:

The last Amazon. Cooking class with Steve Albini. Williamsburg, a "jazzy atmosphere" for ex-presidents. Death on a bike. Welcome back to school shootings. The Afghan girls who live as boys. Boylesque. Girlracer. The financial case for the Bechdel test. The downsides of a more feminist mainstream media. How to read on screens. White men can't disrupt. The daddy track. How to succeed in Silicon Valley without really trying. Ditching Twitter. The 1099 economyThe women who built ENIAC. The original Gone Girl. Why a grown woman pretended to be a teenager for years. Ebola Patient Zero. "Together we make football," and we can boycott it. We have not turned out fine. "My father was James Brown." An online suicide cult and the webmasters who stayed behind. "I was a child con artist." Chats with Sheila Heti and Astra Taylor and an asexual person and NASA's only planetary protection officer. What are elderly ex-prisoners and young solo immigrants supposed to do? A midwest explainer. Against "urban." Graceland 2. How to order Chinese foodOlive Garden problems. Mr. & Mrs. Borges. Cougin'. Ridin' the Snackwave. Nerdin' out. Control yourself"Two words: Jeff Koons." LOL. Throw everything away.


How do you say helloI'm importantYES to Prog Britannia, even if you hate Yes. Kool & the glitchSza.


I wear white after Labor Day.

I endorse:

The new Longform app! You can follow publications, writers (like yours truly), and fellow readers (um, also yours truly). Bookmark stuff. Recommend great articles to your friends. Read it all in a super clean layout. And restore your faith in serious writing and reporting. I'm in love.

Live! In person:

Sept 29: Aggregate Conference, Louisville, KY
Oct 14: Radar Reading Series at LitQuake, San Francisco, CA
Oct 18: Afar Magazine Spins the Globe at LitQuake, San Francisco, CA


"Resisted accosting celebs at the premiere last night, but then saw @annfriedman at the bar and spewed alarming enthusiasm at her. (Twice.)" -Brandi Sperry. I was three G&Ts deep and was not alarmed at all!

"New city, new grad program, new everything, but one of my anchors will always be @annfriedman's newsletter." -Kris Miranda. I'm solid as a rock.

"I wonder how many people tweet about @annfriedman's (admittedly awesome) newsletter in the hopes that they'll get mentioned at the end." -Rose Eveleth. You've figured out my diabolical plan!

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