February 06, 2015

Kill yr idols

Even Kim Gordon Doesn't Have It All - The New Republic
Her new memoir is a reality check for those of us who are tempted to idolize her.

The Problem with Those "Feminist" Super Bowl Ads - NYmag.com
When you make feminism part of your brand, prepare for deeper scrutiny.

Chart: Which Non-Achievements Are We Celebrating This Month? - Los Angeles magazine
I actually celebrate these things most months.

Plus! I answered Jenna Leigh Evans' "Seven Questions for the Working Writer" and was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio about women and online harassment.

I'm reading:

#BlackHistoryYouDidntLearnInSchoolGeorge Washington Carver, the Black History Monthiest of them all. How real are Facebook friendships? Maybe we only figure it out after someone dies. Who will survive (as an artist) in America? The case against outer space. Two sides of Sri Lanka. On falling in love when you're a borderline hoarderDisappearing digital media. Textbook tokenism. The future of the internet is TV. The nonwhite family melodramaTechnicolor! Voltron! Chipotle! "Nude, drunk, and riding on panthers." I support a red carpet revolt. The case against "slut." The male-dominated history of high heels. Building a better masculinity. From deadbeat dad to men's rights moneymaker. Mourning a husband. How black homicides are investigated. Nancy Reagan was a monster. Hacking homeschooling (ew). Worst parenting nightmare. On being a mother who's also an assault survivor. What's up with parabens? The myth of multitasking. Be advised: I don't take notes or bring cupcakes. 


A February medleyThis Future Islands remix. Jamil Smith and Taffy Brodesser-Akner on writing professionally. Kidz Bop accidentally goes R-rated. Pretty matchbooks. Dudes' texts about buying tampons.


Sister Rosetta Tharpe, forever & ever.

I endorse:

This message from the Guerrilla Girls.


"It's the Parks and Rec of Tinyletters." -Nicholas Quah. This is such a mega-compliment, I am tearing up a little.

"If you're not subscribing, I don't know what to say to you." -Jaclyn Friedman. We aren't even related!

"Unsubscribing is my religion. But your newsletter is different: Not only do I keep letting it show up, I read it with pleasure." -Sarah Milstein, lapsed member of the church of Unsubscribe.

"@annfriedman's newsletter just got to my inbox, and I literally gasped and jumped out of my seat for joy. Then opened 20 tabs." -Mariel Klein. I appreciate a tick-tock account of what it's like on your end.

"#Email is definitely not dead." -Britt Brouse. Not dead, just hashtagged.

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