July 31, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space

This week:

On the podcast, we discuss natural sponges, flibanserin, and white people. I talked to the Chicago Tribune about critics and haters, and to the Dinner Party Download about Japanese moss-viewing excursions. (I also agreed to pose for this weird photo in their office.) Plus! I went to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and talked about subtle sexism in the workplace. I used it as an excuse to take glamour shots with a Mars Rover and make this Sally Ride tampon fan art

I'm reading:

Namaste! What it feels like to be the only one in the room, to be fat on public transportation, to go viral. Remembering a young black journalist. Why Sandra's death was different, but also painfully familiarShipwreck songs and dead girls' rooms. The story of our stuff. Why does everything look the same? "A baby's basically like a tiny person on too many shrooms." Millennial men aren't the equality-minded dads they thought they'd be. It seems very stressful to be both a broke professor and a college student these days. Yanis! Reading Between the World and Me as a black woman and a white woman. Why one woman didn't report her assault. The "female enough" trap in women's sports. When cheap travel meets policed borders in Europe. The last days of Kathy Acker. The "all-out attack" on female filmmakers. Black and white in the Baltimore music scene. The future is DNA editing, rebranded pot, and Vine boys.


Gaining a sister through gender transition. This teaser actually made me very excited for Vice's Broadly. A period playlist. A graphic novel about abortion. Voyager's golden record. Really wish I could link to the new Frank Ocean here but we all know how that's going. I am kind of appreciating the anticipation, though. It's the opposite of the surprise album drop. While you wait, try this dub version of "Lost."


I guarantee that at least one of these GIFs will match whatever song you are listening to at this moment.

I endorse:

I absolutely loved Kitchens of the Great Midwest, the delightful debut novel from J.Ryan Stradal. Of course, I say this as both a friend of J.Ryan's and as someone who is from the Midwest and still enjoys elaborate deviled eggs and the occasional cheese ball. But even so! Trust me, I would not endorse a novel by a straight white dude unless it was really good. Read an interview with him, and his personal essay, "I was a Midwest Teenage Foodie.


"Are we in a golden age of newsletters? @annfriedman 's is very good." -Juliet Lapidos. Are we in the golden age of editors? Juliet is my editor at the LA Times and she is very good.

"I don't have Summer Fridays, but I rec'd @annfriedman's newsletter, so it's basically like I got one today. Later, rest of my workday." -Ryan J. Simons. I am in favor of taking Summer Fridays by force. (And Ryan, because you also sent me the "looking good" gif above, you are the MVP of this week's newsletter.)

"The @annfriedman newsletter >" -Claire Shriver. Ok, this structure makes it look like Claire was saying the newsletter is better than she is, which is clearly a lie because this endorsement tweet is twice as clever as anything in last week's newsletter.

".@annfriedman weekly = right click, save to pocket + right click, save to pocket + right click, save to pocket. The limit does not exist." -Hailey Persinger. A++ for all testimonials featuring Mean Girls quotes.

This newsletter is listening to Channel Orange for the millionth time.
Forward it to Frank Ocean. Please.

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