July 04, 2014

Land of the R.B.G., home of the brave

Merriam-Webster on the 4th of July  - annfriedman.com

Patriotism, nationalism, jingoism: Some definitions to keep in mind.

What a Woman’s Choice Means to the Supreme Court - NYmag.com

So angry.

The Hobby Lobby Pie - The Hairpin

It’s time to get crafty.

How should L.A. prepare for the solar vortex? - LA mag

Bonus pie chart this week!

In other news, I was cited in the Tinder lawsuit.

I’m reading:

Say the right thing. The truth behind the gospel of productivity. The heartbreaking story of Shanesha Taylor, in her own words. On not gender identifying and not being a tech bro. How to piss off white guys and be a black country star. An oral history of L.A.’s Palomino. Callahan/Oldham/Bejar/McCombs, and Nick Cave. Cameron Crowe’s 1977 Rolling Stone cover story on Fleetwood Mac. How the captain of yacht rock lost his voice. What pastel hair means for women of color. Let them eat cash. How sexy are vegetarians? Vivienne Westwood loves lettuce. How to quit social media. Dispatch from a men’s rights conference. Justin Vivian Bond on the T-word. A harrowing lesson that not all rape victims are women. Fuck the pelvic exam. What people want Google to forget. The future of Siri and the parables of Octavia Butler.


An international experiment in photo-retouching and beauty ideals. (America is the creepiest.)



Feeling very…. patriotic.

I endorse:


The Notorious R.B.G. T-shirt. I own this, obviously. Very important to rep Ruth this week.


“Tough to explain, easy (and enjoyable) to read. You won’t be sorry.” -David Carr. Thanks, David. And welcome, 1,200 new subscribers who heeded his advice. The Carr bump is real.

“Si t'es pas inscrit à la newsletter d'@annfriedman alors que tu aimes internet et le féminisme, TODAY IS THE DAY” -Cecile Dehesdin. Today is the day!

“Waiting (im)patiently for my @annfriedman newsletter to be delivered. I need tabs for my wild Friday night of adulting!” -Alex Laughlin. I will be using “adulting” again.

"She has no chill and I love it." - Ashley Calloway. True. I get excited.

This newsletter was born in the U.S.A.

Forward it to your favorite patriot.

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