February 20, 2015

Leggings are for overachievers

Here's what 22-year-olds need to know about their first job - Fortune.com
Practical advice from other young people who started their careers in the era of Facebook and economic insecurity.

Ruby by Cynthia Bond: A survivor's story of love and madness - The Guardian
Oprah and I agree: This debut novel is incredible. Read it.

Why serious journalism can co-exist with audience-pleasing content - CJR.org
BuzzFeed publishes investigative reporting. The NYT publishes quizzes. Get used to it.

Freelancer fashion: Ann Friedman - Impose Magazine
In which I explain my editing shawl and defend the choice to go pantsless.

Also: The new issue of The Gentlewoman is on sale in the UK (very soon in the US)! Björk is on the cover (swoooooon), and within you can find interviews I did with Ava DuVernay and Miranda July.

I'm reading:

What actually motivates women to join up with militants (hint: not Nutella). Police brutality, exported from Chicago to Guantánamo. The kingpins of the hidden internet and Chinatown's underworld. How to be a great boss. Get it together, Hollywood. The lives of extras. The story behind that "new" Harper Lee manuscript (with an incredible headline). Are we running out of band names? How Björk broke the sound barrier. An electronic music composer on why she's happy to be child-free. After birth. Condoms of the future. Why cocktails were terrible for 30 years. Women in pot tech, and some helpful rules for getting stonedAlec Soth on Robert Adams. Pussy Riot can't breathe. Wish I were in New York to see this exhibition. How talent is graded on a racial curve. On passing in publishing. Looking for your people. What it's like to be a trans athlete and a natural-haired model at fashion week. Why models should unionize. "I'm definitely a feminist-- the industry made me that way." Black woman, Wonder Woman. Zadie Smith on Key & Peele and not keeping a diary. Patti Smith on the biggest misconception about her. The most important legal scholar you've never heard of. The new generation of Hillary haters. 50 Shades of capitalism. What happened when a fat person made a fitness app"There will be no one like us when we are gone, but then there is no one like anyone else, ever." You can go home again.


SK + BB = happiest moment of my week. Irin's interview with RBG is so good. TaviMy Bodies, by Hannah Black. You don't own me. 64 ways of thinking about the homepage.


O, CaliforniaSending warm-weather vibes to everyone who doesn't live here.

I endorse:

A project by Amy Rose Spiegel that prompts writers to watch (and record) their days.

Live! In person:

I'll be reading at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on March 18, along with some other fantastic writers. We're discussing the latest issue of The Baffler, which is all about fashion. Come say hello! Tickets here.


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