April 18, 2014

Let it go, let it go!

Egg Freezing and the Empowerment Paradox - NYmag.com

I'm still kicking myself for failing to make a Frozen joke in this column.

The genius of Broad City - The Guardian

At last, a show about imperfect women who don’t hate themselves for their imperfections.

16 women whose digital startups deserve Vox-level plaudits - Columbia Journalism Review

There are sooo many women who have founded media startups. Why aren’t we talking about them?

Plus! Jason Travis photographed me and everything in my bag for his Persona portrait series.

I’m reading:

Geeshie & Elvie.  Mortality and immortality lessons from Carl Sagan. Snacks Quarterly. Life as a super awkward teenager. Brogrammers as a media fantasy. The San Francisco housing crisis explained. OMG a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel? Dads were huge in the 90s. Love you, Bob Seger. A failed attempt to interview Macaulay Culkin. In praise of Adventure Time. Behind the scenes of Mean Girls. Twentysomethings have no idea how to save, but this 13-year-old Mongolian girl is an eagle huntress. Our iPhone are killing us, and the French aren’t using them after 6pm. Overconfident blowhards. A mass-market paperback reading marathon. The history of FSG. Fear of Flying and fear of Alzheimer’s. The joys of stoner sex. Lessons from a day on a porn set. A feminist case for Nymphomaniac. A parody lunch with Lars Von Trier. “What are you?” What happens when the black experience becomes background noise in a political debate. Girls think sexual assault and harassment are normal behavior. Reclaiming “ladylike.” Taxes are great, subsidies for private developers are not. The power of NO. Against makeup. The plight of the way-too-rich. Yawn.


Ladystoner montage. The real cost of fast fashion. Marshall McLuhan. A llama prancing to DMX.



This is me bumping into my ovaries in a dark alley.

I endorse:


A Series of Tubes (not fallopian), is a new email newsletter by my friend Amanda Mattos, a woman who’s made many crucial product recommendations to me. “There are tons of sites that I love and read religiously, but few editors who are size 12 and do most of their makeup shopping at drug stores,” she writes in the first edition. “So, these recommendations are coming from a less glamorous and maybe more realistic place.” Viva realism! Sign up here.


“Just experienced v serious wave of self-congratulation bc I've read several of the items in @annfriedman's "I'm Reading" list. #braingoals” -Rachel Riederer. Great minds read alike.

“Okay — it's 2:30 p.m. Commencing scanning my inbox at 5 minute intervals for the Friday @annfriedman newsletter!” -Gabrielle Baldini. Refreshing!

"I look forward to it every week cause it's fun. Fun fun fun." -Graydon Gordian. Thanks thanks thanks!

"For the uninformed @annfriedman's newsletter is a gem factory” -Paige Pritchard. Made me think of this, obviously.

This newsletter loves you, dude.

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