September 05, 2014

Let's be objective here

When a Little Objectification is a Good Thing
This week's column is about pervin'. It features a lot of caveats.

How to build an audience -
Do readers really know what they want? Often, yes. But they still have to be wooed.

I'm reading:

A summer of watching the killing. Different rules apply. The problem with civility. A defense of looting. White rage. On growing up in Ferguson and Gaza. What it's like to take a year-long sabbatical from the digital world. The last generation to remember life before the internet. Phony cell towers are intercepting your calls. Giving up the small-town fantasy. What it's like to be fat on Tinder. The Olivia Popes of nonconsensual photo leaking. Playboy's rebrandTeach for America is addressing its critics. How St. Louis County profits from poverty. When poverty, addiction, and gender collide in the Bronx. "Do you want to hurt your brother?" Scalia's favorite murderer is actually innocent. Anonymous explainedAwful dudes on the internet. Mary Beard FOREVER. On maleness at Deep Springs College. The work of being a woman. Dispatch from a Mongolian yurt. Amazing sentences. America's rowdiest retirement community. A not-so-empty nester. "I still live." Mega-nostalgia for a dead era of music journalism. You know books aren't fact-checked, right? One very productive author defends Amazon. A journalist who built her brand without any help from mainstream media. Every comment on every recipe blog. Burning Man's billionaire's row. "Do what you love" and "marriage is hard work" are bad advice. Here's some good advice. Didion on self-respect. Life lessons from the worst job ever. A downpour of drought pseudoscience. Danny McBride interviews Bill Hader. A dystopian comedy future. Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior. Yes means yes. I shouldn't have bought that value pack of Colgate TotalHealth raves. *Hoof bump.*


Rules for women. The electronic afterlife. People of color at Burning ManJohn Oliver + Cookie Monster. Supercut of Beyonce's shit-talking raps. Can't stop listening to the new Jenny Lewis.


Here's a little thing I wrote about Joan Rivers awhile ago.

And here is a bonus gif of Anna Wintour with her flip phone.

I endorse:

Los Angeles, California
. Forever and ever amen.

Live! In person:

Sept. 29: Aggregate Conference, Louisville, KY
Oct 14 & 18: LitQuake, San Francisco, CA



"The New Yorker and The Ann Friedman Weekly are my only cover-to-cover/top-to-bottom non-negotiable reads." -Leslie Colwell. At least you don't have to lug my back issues to the recycling bin twice a year.

"After reading that I know nothing more about newsletters, I just want to be Ann's friend." -Annie Shields, End Rape on Campus. I may not be educational, but I am personable!

"Just got my first @annfriedman newsletter! LOVE it! Please try it, SO recommended!" -Beatrice Martini. Welcome, newbies!

"Not knowing what time @annfriedman's weekly will show up in my inbox is rly starting to get to me. This is not a metaphor. #waitingforGIFman" -Megan Downey. Can Christopher Guest please make a parody of internet culture called Waiting for GIFman? Would watch.

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