March 15, 2013

Let's do this thing.

Martha Stewart's Best Lesson: Don't Give a Damn -
She doesn't care if you like her. That’s why I love her. BONUS GIF.

Pie Chart: What Are We Leaning Into? - The Hairpin
Giving it 110%.

Mixing business and pleasure -
Sadly this column contains no blind items about hot journo-on-journo action.

We're All Bystanders in the Sandberg-Mayer Mommy Wars -
Obligatory Sheryl Sandberg article.

Freelancing for free -
How I decide when to write for no compensation—a response to an ongoing debate in journo-world about how much our words are worth. Also read this from Alexis Madrigal.

A Dating App That’s Worth a Woman’s Time -
You guys should see my inbox after publishing this article. Every developer bro who's ever created an app to try to get laid has messaged me. It is awful! And hilarious.

I'm reading:
Amanda Hess on leggings. An essay on the charms of West Texas. Deep thoughts on teen girls and Tumblr and young girls and selfies. A dialogue on Thelma & Louise. A spellbinding narrative about a con artist. An explanation of how your grapes got so juicy and why they matter to you so much. The first reported dispatch from California’s death row in eight years. A tour of Jackie Treehorn's house. The history of emoji (❤) and the future of zip codes. Also, Ephron forever.

This week's spirit animal:

Confetti warranted. I finally got around to creating a newsletter!

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:
April 5-7, BU Power of Narrative Conference, Boston
April 10, WAM! Mentoring session, New York
April 18-20, Alaska Press Club Conference, Anchorage
April 27, MoxieCon, Chicago

I endorse:
Liberté blackberry yogurt and Wheat Chex. [This newsletter not yet sponsored by any French dairy products or breakfast cereals.]

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