February 14, 2014

Let's get monogamous ❤

Why Don’t We Have a Monogamy App? - NYmag.com

Shoutout to all my people in sexless longterm relationships! (Also, do you know how many annoying startup bros are going to email me and ask for free consulting now? I must be a masochist.)

How to Process Warm-Weather Guilt - Los Angeles magazine

It’s 75 degrees outside and the jasmine is blooming. I don’t feel bad about anything.

I explained to The New Statesman why it’s totally fine to buy a feminist woman flowers and chocolates, but you still might want to try a little harder.

Yoga and writing retreat:

My good friend Gracy Obuchowicz and I are combining our talents to host a yoga and writing retreat on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala this November. I am terrified of doing any sort of activity where I have to pose my body the same way as everyone else in the room (I don’t line-dance, either), but Gracy is the best kind of yogi if you’re an inflexible, self-conscious weirdo like me. Anyway. Come! You’ll have a great time! Details here about how to reserve your spot.

I’m reading:

Hot men call us women, not girls. Postmodern romance and the art of dressing strawberries in tuxedos. Breaking up in the age of digital overshare. How people in emerging markets are hooking up. Interracial love. 50% of women enjoy casual sex. The [MOAN] life of a [WHIMPER] professional closed-captioner. The Japanese composer who faked his hearing loss. A perfect refugee camp. The secret life of Gitmo’s women. Gender bias (yes, still) at work. How the Olympics infantilize women, Olympians swipe right, and clothing designers fail to accommodate Olympic booties. Marimekko! Two married people in their mid-30s fact-check Seventeen’s “Ultimate Guide to Guys.” The new rules of boy world. I can’t with Amy Chua. Shirley Temple wanted to be a drummer. Tom Junod’s classic profile of Mr. Rogers. The Donald. “We have a mechanical bull. Game-changer. Innovate.” How one Facebook comment ruined a teenager’s life. Don’t crowdfund your day job. Amazon really is killing books. The narcissism of middle-age. A dispatch from Southeast Asia’s abortion underground, a topic that’s taboo at TED… along with lots of other things. Americans think astrology is science. Schools are holding active shooter drills. How to end “gay conversion therapy” for good. Sports Illustrated botched the Michael Sam story and reporters are harassing the gay residents of Sochi. Why writers procrastinate. Reality TV is fiction. As I always say, “Everyone needs an editor.”


Did you just ask me what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day?

I endorse:

This is the most juvenile thing of all time. And I laughed so hard there were tears running down my face. (Thank you, Yael.)


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