April 19, 2013

Let's get vulnerable, y'all.

What a horrible fucking week, no? Barely made it to Friday.

The other side of reporting a tragedy - Columbia Journalism Review

My sister ran the Boston Marathon. My parents were there to watch her.

Longform Podcast Episode 37: Ann Friedman

Lesson learned: When you agree to appear on a podcast hosted by your friend, you will probably end up getting #realer than you intended. Or maybe Max is just a good interviewer.

Beauty Above All Else: The Problem With Dove’s New Viral Ad - NYmag.com

Why the pop-psychology experiment isn’t really that transgressive.

Pie chart: How did we get that bruise? - The Hairpin

Shout-out to my fellow anemics!

I'm reading:

The Saudi marathon man. The reality-TV gold rush in Alaska. Hip-hop and self-mythology. Mac McClelland’s upbeat story about slaughter. Ordering the businesswoman special with Tavi Gevinson. Why women who write memoirs have to be twice as good as men. The horrors of day care. Raquel Gutierrez on misplaced nostalgia and how Riot Grrl wasn’t white. Gene Demby & crew on misplaced nostalgia and the future of race in America. Pamela Colloff dreams of Selena, and Steve Kandell plays with David Lee Roth’s swords. Like, for sure, totally.

Spirit animal:

Working on that forward momentum.

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

This week: I’m at the Alaska Press Club Conference in Anchorage. I have been here less than 24 hours, and here are some initial impressions of the 49th state: The mountains look like meringue. (Stiff peaks!) Sunsets last for hours and hours here, you guys. Everything is golden-pink until 10pm. And I’ve already seen one entire bookshelf in a store devoted to Palin biographies. I resisted the urge to buy one called Our Sarah.

Next weekend: MoxieCon in Chicago

I endorse:

Cheese balls. Specifically, Elda Cullen’s recipe. Also Lee Fields and the Expressions, whose live show in L.A. was a bright spot for me this week. Sometimes soul music and four packages of full-fat Philly are the best coping mechanisms.

Bully your friends into signing up for this newsletter! You can tell them it’s pretty low-commitment, because after this conference I’m spending four days alone in a #spinstercabin, and I’m pretty sure there’s a chance I’ll be axe-murdered or eaten by a grizzly while in the Alaskan wilderness alone. And on that happy note, have a great weekend!