June 05, 2015

Let's get wild

This week:

I wrote about the particular appeal of "girl movies." And on the latest episode of Call Your Girlfriend, we discuss famous dudes creeping into DMs, sponge-worthiness, and how to talk to women on Twitter. 

I'm reading:

Lillian Ross's Hemingway profile from 1950. The life and death of a remarkable Pakistani free-speech advocateThe best female skateboarder in America. Janet Mock on Caitlyn Jenner and privilege and glamour. Going undercover as a jihadi girlfriend. How abortion providers handle the harassment. What it's like when a musician calls you a "bitch" onstage. "In the last month, I have sat on 12 men." Inside the world's biggest Magic tournament and a Buddhist retreat led by Steven Seagal in 1999. What spies' expense reports look like, and what happens when you send an error report. The Russian agency that coordinated trolls.  The quantified worker."It's like KonMari, except easy, because the only things you throw out are your cigarettes and your sense of self." How hair salon workers struggle for their salaries. After water. The queen of greens and the collapse of Subway. "Drag will never be mainstream." When your prom picture becomes a stock photoDon't call it "outsider art."


Jaclyn Friedman (no relation, alas) recently relaunched her feminist sex podcast, and it's fabulous. What does it mean to "sound gay"? 


Dancing alone to Sizzy Rocket. (via The Daily Task)

I endorse:

Little Code Ladies
, an organization for older women who want to learn how to code, where they're treated "like the bright, beautiful, smart people they are." They're looking for online votes so they can get a grant for more professional equipment and to open a brick-and-mortar location. Support them with a click! 

Live! In person:

June 12: I'm interviewing OK Go's Damian Kulash about their videos as part of the LA Film Festival. 8:30pm. Tickets are $15 and available here.

June 27: I'll be on a panel at the V3 Digital Media Conference in Los Angeles.


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