May 02, 2014

Lint-rollin' a Cosby sweater

Women Politicians and the Relatability Problem -

We're used to getting past the question of whether candidates resemble us, and considering instead whether they’ll represent us. Men, notsomuch.

The Dad Vibes Pie - The Hairpin

Not necessarily my dad. Just, you know, dads in general. Anything for a Steely Dan reference.

I talked to The Huffington Post about misguided people who pity single women.

I’m reading:

An interview with one of the girls who escaped the mass kidnapping in Nigeria: “I want you to stress this point. Nobody rescued them.” Understanding Boko Haram. Cruel but not unusual punishment. The beauty and truth of science writing. The racists we love. Is bias fixable? Arianna Huffington’s epic exercise in self-parody. Paul Ryan’s poverty tour. Libertarians hate government but don’t have any better ideas. Melissa McCarthy is great. Everything about this is hilarious. Wedding memories, fact-checked. The hunt for El Chapo. Menstrual #realtalk. Dope girls in LA. True nerds know no subculture. MFA vs POC. Virginia Woolf and embracing the darkness. “I’ve cut my mother out of my life.” The unbundling. One startup’s struggle. When your dream job isn’t all that dreamy. Adjuncts unite! David Foster Wallace’s public image problem. Kids these days. Tavi is so wise. Just reaching out to circle back. Ellen Willis’s “Coming Down Again: After the Age of Excess,” which I’m reading (aloud!) from tonight in Brooklyn.


Jay Smooth on the Donald Sterling tape. What is a photocopier? Spooky Black. Plus Down For Whatever, a sexy new podcast.



This is how I feel when I visit New York. It’s like, I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m seeing everyone and doing everything! With enough alcohol, I could keep up this social pace forever! Then, about three days before I leave, faceplant.

I endorse:


Drake, who has lots of feelings yet refuses to be shamed. (Context.)

Burning questions:

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 11.29.11 AM.png

Girl, I trace a coaster. Though I did use a protractor once, in a pinch.

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are still spaces left! More info here.


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