January 02, 2015

Low-resolution new year

Welcome to 2015, y'all!

Episode 16: Notorious Ladies - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, Amina and I discuss Selma, country hunks for Hillary, what it's like to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg (!), and birth control quandaries.

I'm reading:

Champagne Supernovas. Checking in with Buzz Aldrin. In praise of chosen family. RIP Leelah Alcorn. Is weed withdrawal real? Does The Handmaid's Tale hold up? Marriage is an abduction. Men of Craigslist. When storms stir up fossils. Rebecca Solnit on women speaking out in 2014.


Sounds from space!


I don't make resolutions. It feels great.

I endorse:

For all of your homebody needs: This pancake recipe, this yeasted multi-use dough, and this hearty soup.


".@annfriedman's end-of-year newsletter is like a belated Christmas present and I don't even celebrate Christmas." -Sam Zabell. This newsletter is proudly interfaith.  

"Got @annfriedman newsletter. Opened thirty tabs." -Jane Lytvynenko. Sometimes I sing "All of the tabs, all of the tabs" to myself, to tune of "All of the Lights."

"I was feeling grim. @annfriedman's newsletter made it better. Listening to Obvious Child on repeat helps too." -Ellen Mayer. I'm accustomed to a smooth ride.

This newsletter is verrrry slowly easing into the new year.
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