September 20, 2013

Man up

What Does Manhood Mean in 2013? -

It’s super confusing. One great outtake, a quote from my friend Eric Uhlir: “Toughness, perseverance, a chiselled jaw and a Steve McQueen™ thirst for adventure are great but it's all bunk without a sense of responsibility. Manhood and masculinity in 2013 is really simple: grow-up, guys.” Next column: What is a muppet in 2013?

Pie chart: When do we realize we’re a total stereotype? - The Hairpin

And yeah, I linked to the wrong pie chart last week. I know, I know. It should have been this link to an examination of our commonalities with bros.

#Realtalk: Email dos and don’ts for journalists - Columbia Journalism Review

Get your inbox in order.

I'm reading:

A “man’s man” on raising a son who wears dresses. The joy of being a regular. How to not write. Chats with W. Kamau Bell and Marilynne Robinson and George Packer and Linda Ronstadt, who is a total Shine Theorist. “Blurred Lines” lyrics compared with actual quotes from rapists. The book that “revolutionizes our understanding of the canon of black women’s literature.” The racism of the pioneers. Can women find Syria on a map? A South Asian Miss America does not equal progress. Checking in with Hillz. “I am one of America's unlicensed, untrained Illegal abortionists.“ Mexico’s abortion wars. How Detroit went broke. The poor are still experiencing a Great Depression. When a sperm donor seeks out his kids. The plot to kill Obamacare. How a relationship dies on Facebook. The rise of micro-porn. Mid-90s Nick Cave doesn’t want your stupid award. Bill Callahan is so dreamy. Thomas Pynchon’s burrito addiction. OMG MSG. RIP(?) Prada Marfa. “Stay in the love.”

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Eating croissants (yes, plural) in bed. This is what I am doing RIGHT NOW. Living my best life.


By request, I’m thinking of introducing a new feature in which I explain things I may or may not know anything about. You can ask me questions like, “What is your snack strategy?” or “How do I take a selfie of my own ass?” or “Is the patriarchy still in full effect?” or “What is YOLO?” (Seriously, someone asked me that last week.) Is this something you’d be into? Let me know. I made a simple form to test it out.

*A pun on mansplaining! Here’s a cultural history, and an excellent essay on the topic by Rebecca Solnit.


Saturday mornings are for tracing the treasure map of links and fine reads curated by Hairpin chartmaker (and no pants wearer) Ann Friedman.” -The Awl. Thanks for this endorsement, guys! Love how pantslessness has really become part of my personal brand.

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