November 07, 2014

Midterminal velocity

Why the Midterms Were Bad News for Women -
100 women in Congress is just 1 more than we had before, y'all.

Episode 12: I Voted - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, Amina and I discuss the elections, Beyonce rumors, ebola, Jian Ghomeshi, iPhone snobs, and our favorite podcasts. 

Also check out this great interview with my friend J. Ryan Stradal about the California Prose Directory, which he edited and which features an article I wrote last year.

I'm reading:

Some comforting/challenging words on politics from the late Paul Wellstone. The vigilante fight against Boko Haram. How the gun control movement is winning. The mole who exposed the Air Force Academy's sexual assault scandal. On Lena Dunham and the right to a sexual narrative. On not saying anything. Notes on the exotic. It's really, really hard to be the diversity. Grief and retro-computing, and imperfect parenthood. On kindness, plus cancer, control, and organic spinach. Making pumpkin bread with Kris Jenner and sadcore hits with Perfume Genius. Prince, immediately after Purple Rain. Thoughts on celebrity biography. Sexy consent rapping. Re-consider the chair. And your microbiomeEggs McMuffin, plural. A fantastic review of Buffalo Wild WingsMale pregnancy enthusiasts. Self-help with the "wolf of Wall Street." The doughnut king and the invisible woman. A defector from the purity movement. RIP, Delia*s. The most influential woman on Instagram. Is Uber pushing subprime loans? Is Banksy a woman? The perils of post-internet art. How "spirit animal" became a meme, and what internet cats owe to Garfield. A life less rooted, and the bliss in hotels. Radical fat brides. I refuse to be bullied into finishing a book I don't like. This. The fall of the banner ad. The podcast biz and the dads of techYou won't understand the internet of the future. Put your phone down, flip it and reverse it. Sympathy for the nerd. Well, not all nerds. The unknown psychological effects of space travel. Whoa, dude: The life of a photonStoner puns in headlines are problematic. Werewolf bat mitzvah: spooky, sexist. On taking notes. Kinda sorta really good advice.


Women of color hollaback. Ananya Roy on when the patriarchy gets personal. The complete Bill Withers 1973 BBC concert. How David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti collaborated on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. A classic episode of This American Life—the "You and the Little Mermaid can go f*ck yourself" one, which I think of every time I see the exit toward La Jolla—annotated.


This is my "Thanks for your input, men of Twitter" face

I endorse:

Three things this week!
1. Feminist playing cards.
2. A new radio show from Farai Chideya.
3. A tool for reporting harassment on Twitter. Bookmark it.


"Thank goodness for #healthgoth and @annfriedman on this Halloween night" -Molly Matthieson. #healthgoth has given us so much. 

"I read your email after 11pm on Halloween and ended up rolling with the coffee table idea, slightly modified: I strapped the magazines to my back with tape along with a TV remote and some other debris. When asked what my costume was I got down on my hands and knees to make the coffee table come to life. Worked out great! Thanks!" -Chris Lewis. This newsletter is all about finding new uses for old magazines. And making coffee tables come to life, apparently.

"How many times do I have to tell you, @gmail, that @annfriedman and @alexismadrigal are *primary* not promotion?" -monica. The struggle continues.

"Always find a good read in @annfriedman's weekly blast." -Vaugn Fender. Only one?! I've failed you.

"@annfriedman where is newsletter? :( withdrawal. feeling like it isn't friday can you make it friday please?" -Priya Anand. ::shrug:: I was busy eating french fries with my friend Katy and getting a haircut. Lesson: You gotta learn to make it Friday for yourself.

"Birthday treat to myself: saved up two @annfriedman newsletters to read while 'working.' 💃" -Sophia. See? It can even be double-Friday on a Wednesday!

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