June 12, 2015

More than a woman

This week: 

I wrote about how I know I'm a woman, but I can't articulate why. For ELLE, I wrote short profiles of 10 incredible women working in tech. You can listen to me and other creative, self-employed women talk about how we make it work in Los Angeles. And from 2-3pm PST today, I'll be on Dash Radio with Call Your Girlfriend's phenomenal producer, Gina Delvac.

I'm reading:

How a fortuneteller cheated a lovelorn man. Both sides of a different sad, true love story. "Every part of my name shivers like it might die refugeed in this empire’s mouth, mispronouncing itself." On self-loathing and selfiesyearning for beauty, and wishing for darker skin. Why did a grandfather die in police custody? A former cop on what went wrong in McKinney. "I'm the mother of a teenage threat." Michelle Obama gets personal. A fearless girl gamer. A woman who lost her hands making your flatscreen. How $500 million built just six homes. How does ClickHole do it? A clickbait history of the world. The limits of putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Women, trauma, and undiagnosed brain injuries. Mechanically enhanced women, a history of the tampon, and a great wine heist. The five people you meet at an Eileen Fisher sample sale. Women's soccer can't catch a break. "Queen bee syndrome" is a myth. The truth about graduation rates. I literally can't even. Best, Ann.


The landscape of police violence. Portraits of debt. Roxane Gay on Another Round!


Kathleen Hanna is so back.

I endorse:

A database of writers of color. And a delivery service to introduce you to new independent magazines.

Live! In person:

June 12: Tonight I'm interviewing OK Go's Damian Kulash about their videos as part of the LA Film Festival. 8:30pm. Tickets are $15 and available here.

June 27: I'll be on a panel at the V3 Digital Media Conference in Los Angeles.


"I know it's Friday / officially the weekend when this email comes in." -Mike Jones. Call it! The week is over.

"Here it is, Friday, 2:47 p.m. and I'm just waiting for @annfriedman's newsletter." -Sean Connor. Waiting for the weekend, you mean?

"This week's @annfriedman newsletter broke my browser. It was bound to happen sooner or later." -Allison Wright. Please open tabs in moderation.

"I would like @annfriedman to be my best friend. I think we'd be good friends. Let's make that happen." -Helen Okolicsanyi. Aw, shucks. I'd only break your browser.

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