December 20, 2013

Mulling over your 20s

The Real Reason Twentysomething Women Are Worried -

You’ll be shocked to learn that a male columnist in his 30s gets it all wrong.

#Realtalk: Crowdfunding, story by story - Columbia Journalism Review

When fundraising for a specific reporting project, what are the rules?

I’m reading:

If you’ve ordered any gifts online this year, read about the hell that is warehouse work. An ode to living in the Midwest. Nico Muhly reviews Beyoncé. Stevie Nicks is “a queen, a witch, a dragon.” Putin thinks Pussy Riot’s behavior is “degrading to the dignity of women" (lol). Men’s rights activists file lots of false rape claims in order to “prove” most rape claims are false. Thanks, dick culture! A century of crossword puzzles. (Sort of related: I’m sick of Will Shortz being the only “big name” in crosswords. Don’t you think it’s time for a new puzzlemaster?) Coverage of the All-Japan Phone Answering Competition. Ethiopia’s war on gays and North Korea’s youth revolt. Feminist anxiety about conventional life choices and unconventional ones. Why men can’t take compliments and women can't get tenure-track academic jobs. The climate expert who pretended he was a spy so he wouldn’t have to work. The jaw-dropping story of the real-life con woman behind Reagan’s bullshit “welfare queen” stereotype—and a look at the decidedly non-regal lifestyle of women trying to make ends meet. Charity is no substitute for justice. Going crazy in the UK. Young people think discrimination doesn’t affect them. An educated white guy tried to send himself to prison and it was hard. A different white guy tried to get free stuff and it was easy. An oral history of the Clueless party scene. They joys of reading Philip K. Dick. On male artist Chris Burden. On how we selectively acknowledge our favorite artists’ shitty behavior—like R. Kelly. Mind the snooze button.


I met all of my 2013 deadlines, braved several airports, and am now writing this from a SECTIONAL SOFA by the fireplace at my parents’ house in Iowa. My mom seriously just said to me, “I have spinach-artichoke dip. Do you want me to put it in the oven for you?” Yessssss. Yes, I do.

I endorse:

Mulled wine. Combine a bottle of full-bodied red with a few generous glugs of apple cider, plus honey, cinnamon, cloves, and a generous amount of orange zest. Bring to a simmer; pour into mugs. Pairs well with leggings and any film featuring Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart.

The end is near!

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