June 13, 2014

My cups runneth over

Pie chart: Relevant cups - The Hairpin

This is how I do World Cup coverage. Also, cannot believe I forgot Reese’s.

We need to bring back the World’s Fair - The Guardian

It sort of never went away. But I want weirder futurism, dammit.

Office Hours with Ann Friedman - Levo League

A choppy webcam video of me offering advice on the first few years of your career. (Requires a login, but it’s free.)

I’m reading:

The racism beat. Tiananmen, 25 years later. The Tony Robbins of China. Wisconsin’s iron mine war. Instagrams from Auschwitz and a deeper understanding of purity ball portraits. Sewage-flooded prisons. Moving across London, and the problem with its skyline. “Thoreau is back at the pond and the cabin has WiFi.” Chill vibes on Silicon Beach. GOOP for normals. An alternative to tipping. Minimum-wage workers in St. Louis assume their kids will also have fast-food jobs. More than 30 cities consider heartless bans on homeless handouts. Crying at movies in the blockbuster age. The backlash against cartoon stick-family decals. A DIS magazine explainer. Van Dyke Parks on how songwriters get screwed. The power of comics. Zadie Smith on storytelling. The perils of negotiation (if you’re a woman). It’s Britney, bitch.


Grayson Perry’s “All in the Best Possible Taste,” a documentary series in which a transvestite artist explores class and taste (and gender and art and consumerism) in Britain. God, I want someone to make an American version of this series! Watch the middle class episode on YouTube.



Headed to the woods this weekend because my dear friends Mercedes & Ryan are getting hitched, aka vowing to kill it 24/7 forever together. Cross your fingers that the golden toilet tower stays lit and the heads stay on the marble statues.

I endorse:

Shebooks, a digital publishing company for short e-books by women, launched the Equal Writes Campaign. Back them on Kickstarter and make this a reality.

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are still spaces left! More info here.


"Ann! Every week you become more my hero." -Rachel Zurer


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