January 24, 2014

No boys allowed

j/k boys are totally allowed.

Why It’s Worth Banishing Men Once in Awhile - NYmag.com

I didn’t send this newsletter last week because I was too busy enjoying the company of other women.

#Realtalk: The difficulty of sticking to a story - Columbia Journalism Review

What a truly terrible Grantland feature reveals about the importance of good editing.

Pie chart: How are we controlling our libido? - The Hairpin

Dedicated to Mike Huckabee, professional ladybonerkiller.

The Five Stages of Parking Spot Grief - Los Angeles magazine

When I saw this in print I thought, “When did I get so LA?” Then took another sip of my smoothie.

I’m reading:

Out of the Vinyl Deeps, an anthology of Ellen Willis’s rock criticism. Steve Albini’s explanation of the problems with music in 1993, and an oral history of one of the best albums of 1994. “Truth does not always circulate.” Twitta! Tavi. The meaning of thug. “Saying I was gay wasn’t true. It wasn’t a lie.” What’s your Starbucks name? (Mine’s “Anne.”) Phat. The retail world scrambles to keep up with Amazon. Seriously, I love period-tracking apps. Virality explained. Reality TV kids. Artisanal toast. Consider the fanboy. Desert Buddhist and Midwest evangelical Christian drama. Coffee with Syrian refugees. The undeserving rich who love what they do and don’t feel all that bad about gentrification. Poor communities and the future of surveillance. MLK the terrorist. Big trouble in little Cheyenne, and on the Silk Road. The booty don’t lie. Women against the NFL, and Texas against women. Bush and bush make their respective comebacks. I totally edited my high school paper using QuarkXPress. Ann is typing… er, unfollowing.


In my mind all of these ladies are going, “Surfboardt. Surfboardt.

I endorse:

This supercut of Noel Gallagher’s commentary about Oasis videos. I loled.


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