March 22, 2013

No woman is a desert

Big news! 

TOMORROW, a magazine I co-founded with several of my friends, has been nominated for an Utne Media Award for general excellence! Time to start that whisper campaign against Adbusters. (Kidding.) Have you read Tomorrow yet? No? Lucky you, it’s all online!

Here’s what I wrote this week:

How Social Media Can Become Our New Rape Whistle -

Contrary to news stories about women being victimized on social media, I feel like the internet makes me safer.

The slush pile -

Why you didn’t hear back about that unsolicited submission.

I'm reading:

A love letter to David Bowie. A pitch-perfect satirical response to this piece about feminist housewives. A journalistic re-examination of In Cold Blood. A profile of L.A. alt fixture Brooke Candy. A profile of delightful St. Louis weirdo Bob Cassilly. Short fiction by Patrick Somerville. Some realtalk about how early adopters are the first to bye-hater. The definitive guide to March Madness for people who do not care about basketball. This.

This week’s spirit animal:

Since I last emailed you, I've driven through three different deserts and back again. It was glorious.

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

April 5-7, BU Power of Narrative Conference, Boston

April 10, WAM! Mentoring session, New York

April 18-20, Alaska Press Club Conference, Anchorage**

April 27, MoxieCon, Chicago

** I just booked the cabin where I’ll stay for a few days in Alaska. I have yet to procure appropriate footwear.

I endorse:

Weleda Skin Food. Nivea cherry lip balm. Shea butter. See the previous note about the amount of time I’ve been spending in the desert.

[Ed. note regarding last week’s endorsement: You guys really love Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt. It is the preferred cultured dairy product of at least four readers of this nascent email publication.]


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