January 16, 2015

Not to be That Guy, but...

Episode 17: Impostor Syndrome - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, we discuss closet pare-downs, red-carpet garbage monsters, women who don't want other women to have abortions, and the shine theory of Masterchef Jr.

I'm reading:

How European Muslims are marginalized and why Korean adoptees are returning. On James Baldwin and Charlie Hebdo. The meaning of Didion. White cousins. What it was like to live with Doris Lessing as a teenager. I support the concept but am creeped out by the phrase "free-range kids." A teenager's view of the internet, and an old person's response. Technology is not stressing you out. Mourning the iPod. Medieval marginalia and manterrupting. Fangirling so hard over Sleater-Kinney and Broad City. Living alone. You have no idea how poor people survive. Everything old is new again online. Or rather, it's still old and we just don't care. Western societies aren't all that rational. The problem with "all lives matter." How liberals helped create the prison state. She could not reach him. The way we mourn now. On being a black gentrifier. Race and the formation of Silicon Valley"Nah, son. People ARE ready!How to fix the Oscars. "A small but significant part of me." Fertility ignorance and high-tech uteruses. Real talk about "entrepreneurship." Janet Mock has great self-care tips. A history of Electric Lady Studios that is really about so much more.


A midwintry mix. Hilton Als talks to Junot Diaz. Nancy Grace demonstrates extreme unchill next to 2 Chainz. Marina Abramovic is forced to put up with James FrancoAcross America on a Greyhound bus. Yik Yak explained. Deep thoughts on thoughts. How much musicians earn online. I jiggle, therefore I am.


Sometimes this is how the internet feels to me. (GIF by Martha Rich.)


Doing the lord's work.

I endorse:

Six months of paid family leave for every working American!! Because the current system is completely untenable.

Also, Pitbull's goal-setting.


"I  have recommended your newsletter to about a bajillion friends." -Deena Shanker. Honored to have such a popular lady repping me.

"I get all my best links from @annfriedman's tinyletter." -Brooke Johnston. And probably a few mediocre links, too. But let's focus on the positive.

"Sign up if you need to fill a curiosity hole in your <3." -Peter Boumgarden. I am haunted by the idea of a potential curiosity hole in my heart. 

"Happiness is free bagels in bed and ten thousand tabs open, halfway through the @annfriedman weekly." -Jesse Wiza. Pairs well with carbs.

"I hate email newsletters, except for @annfriedman's, which is fucking rad." -Paul Balcerak. I think it's wrong to dismiss lots of other worthy newsletters, yet I am very flattered.

This newsletter swears it is not That Guy.
Forward it to anyone with impostor syndrome.
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