June 26, 2015

Oh happy gay!

I'm reading:

Where LGBT rights stand beyond marriage, and what's left behind when gay goes mainstream. Larry Kramer in 1994 on the hope and vision of a radical gay politics. The gentrification of higher ed. How Reddit incubates hate. Growing up in South Carolina as neither white nor black. "An unending spectacle." How teachers can respond to Charleston. How to be an ally. Every state flag is wrong—but not talking about gun control is worse. Abortion drones and bomb-detector scams. Seven siblings separated by adoption find each other again. The music world's youngest, raunchiest 56-year-old and oldest, most self-assured 18-year-old. MJ at the '88 Grammys and Kehinde Wiley at the Brooklyn Museum. "Ooooh, let's not think about it too much." The meaning of Amy Schumer and the vengeance of Taylor Swift. On waifish women in menswear. The chilling true story of an international con artist. A Texas prison riot, and babies born behind bars. Sorry/not sorry.


Congrats, white dudes! Confessions of a bad feminist. Who killed Vincent Chin? Black in white America. Katie & Katy's promiscuous kitchen special. Elaine, updated. Bonsais in space.


Partying today. But if you think our work here is done... 

I endorse:

These five books, over at the Oyster blog. 

Live! In person:

Saturday, June 27: Tomorrow I'm on a podcasting panel at the V3 Digital Media Conference with Tanzila Ahmed and Andrew Ti.


"Just like, that thing where yr frequently clicking refresh on Friday afternoons praying for mama Ann to come through with solid work break material" -Sarah Mendlicott. 

"Two great things as a journalist: filing your story and getting @annfriedman's newsletter. Getting them in the span of 10 minutes? The best." -Eric Garcia

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