March 13, 2015

Out of the closet

Idle Threads - The Baffler
When modern women open their closets to decide what to wear, the mantra is "dress to express."
**I'm reading from this essay at an event in New York next week. Come say hello!

The Friend Who Isn't on Social Media -
A conversation with my bestie Bridget, who has never been on Instagram or Twitter and only got an iPhone three months ago, about why she's so averse to putting herself on the internet.

Episode 21: Ironic Beef-o-sexual - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, which we record in our closets, Amina and I discuss Hillary's inbox, another Ghostbusters remake, #leanintogether, a menstruation anthem, and shine theory in mountain biking. Subscribe via iTunes.


This week marks the two-year anniversary of this newsletter! If you're curious about how it's evolved, check out the inaugural issue. I've only skipped four Fridays since then. (Neither laziness nor hangover nor vacation nor impending doom of deadline stays this courier from the swift completion of her appointed rounds.) As I head into year three, I'm thinking about making some changes. Nothing major, just a few little upgrades. I'd love to have a better sense of who you are and what you'd like to see from me. To that end...
--> Here is a survey. <--

I'm most interested in the top question. If you have zero time, just answer that one. But the rest of your answers would really help me out, too. Oh, and because I believe in give-and-take relationships, the survey is chock full of GIFs.

I'm reading:

A guide to internet privacy policies. Who will own our pasts and manage our legacies? How to act normal. The modern condition to pose and posture online. It's not the internet's fault you have no time. The way we write now. Are Uber drivers employees or contractors? The Hangover producer takes on prison reform. The woman working to de-perv American Apparel. A feminist case for embracing sexist art and shutting down frats. Yik-Yak abuse. A sad tale from millennial homeowners. The Laziest Generation. Who remembers Bob Hope? Hillary didn't write that. Was Grey Gardens exploitative? On racism and liberalism, and raising anti-racist children. A book tour in China. "I am not India's daughter." An echo of the Chapel Hill murders, this time in Texas. Crying for Ana Mendieta. A new Sontag biography. How casual hookups fuel commitment. Sappho and gay semiotics in '70s San Francisco. Sad rappers and shitphones. The state of weed legalization. Andrew Keegan's cult and a murderer's futon. Sorry, you can't rope me into Lent or healing crystals. But I do sort of believe in luck. In praise of the doggy bag. The high cost of fake snowRust never sleeps.


Carrie Brownstein interviews Kim Gordon. New GrimesPalm Springs modernism after dark. The Spook Light Chronicles. The bloody footprint. My friend Zak has a new podcast on sex and culture. "All I want is a revolution."


The original looks like this. ("They're moving in herds. They do move in herds.") Have you seen this GIF reverser? I found it via Laura Olin's delightful newsletter.

I endorse:

The women of the Supreme Court Lego set, via podcast producer Gina Delvac, who asks, "Can we start a Call Your Girlfriend diorama/altar?" Here are the other things I would add to it: Would worship at this altar.

Bonus video endorsement! I recorded my support for The Riveter, a new magazine that showcases incredible work by women. Check them out and consider backing their Kickstarter campaign.

Live! In person:

March 18, New York: I'll be reading at The Baffler's issue launch event, along with Anna Holmes, Eugenia Williamson, and Lucy Ellman. Tickets here.

March 28, Los Angeles: I'm hosting a networking lunch table at BinderCon. Sign up for the conference and the lunch here.

April 18, Los Angeles: I'm moderating a panel at the LA Times Festival of Books, featuring Mallory Ortberg, Issa Rae, and Pamela Ribon. 


"On Friday evening, Paris, I am home from drinking all the red wine, happily eating leftovers in bed. I saved your newsletter for just such an occasion." -Frances Leech. This is so dreamy, I want to film this testimonial and use it as an ad for this newsletter. An Amelie-meets-Broad-City sort of thing.

"I loathe newsletters but hers is great." -Alison Bowen. The newsletter for people who hate newsletters.

"The @annfriedman newsletter has arrived—please leave me in my hole now with Internet as I procrastinate on homework." -Amelia. Happy to help.

"The @annfriedman newsletter is a panda handstand of glory in my inbox, weekly." -Tanya S Davis. I've never understood cute-animal vids, but I am amused by the Google Image search for "panda handstand."

"Saved from a life of stir-crazy crime by @annfriedman's newsletter." -Samantha K. I call it "open-tab rehab."

This newsletter is always dressed to impress.
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