May 29, 2015

Personal geography

This week:

I talked to KCRW about native advertising and podcast sponsorship. I have also dealt with a lot of seriously douchey replies after tweeting a photo of this sculpture of mansplaining. (The artist says he's never heard of mansplaining. Naturally.)

I'm reading:

Transgender veterans in New Orleans. The D.C. woman who designs Hillary's pantsuits. Despicable: John McCain sold sacred Apache land in Arizona to a mining company. How Nebraska abolished the death penalty. What happened when a South Korean neighborhood banned cars. What's the point of crime reporting in Chicago? The strange phenomenon of women dying on Saudi Arabian highways. The life of Nepal's child goddess. Questioning consensus decision-making in Berkeley. feminist alternative to the nursing home in Paris. The uphill struggle of a single father in Milwaukee. How Wal-Mart became the town square in rural Texas. The big business of used clothing in Brooklyn. Notes on being in your late 20s in Los Angeles. Where the kids in Spellbound ended up, and what that tells us about the American dream. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego now?


New Bouquet videoThis girl is my hero, and these women are style icons. Artist-produced billboards.


Ehh, later is also the time. (via Chappell's design roundup.)

I endorse:

Keeping a paper notebook
. This is often conflated with keeping a diary or a journal, but I find it far more liberating to think of the notebook as a place where anything can go. Lists. Doodles. Words I want to remember to use more often. Whatever. For me, it's a haven from the internet. I used to put more pressure on myself to chronicle my life on paper by writing about the day's events. Then I read Susan Sontag's journals, and realized that the best thing about keeping a notebook is that what's in it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else, or be anything that resembles fully formed prose. The important thing is just putting pen to paper. See also: Joan DidionZadie SmithVirginia Woolf, and Austin Kleon for some different approaches to notebook-keeping.

Pictured above, from bottom to top: Large, lined notebook that's almost full; white unlined notebook for charts; black notebook that works with the SmartPen recorder I use for reporting; yellow Moleskine I have yet to crack open. And in the corner, pink Post-It notes.

Live! In person:

Saturday, June 27: I'm on a podcasting panel at V3Con, a digital media conference put on by the Asian American Journalists Association in L.A.


"Opening my email to find @annfriedman's newsletter got me like 😜🙌" -Jolie Ankrom. PRAISE HANDS.

"almost cut a conference call short when i saw the newsletter drop in my inbox. am i terrible? -Mina Farzad. Nobody likes conference calls, so the only terrible thing about this statement is the "almost."

[paws at screen. licks screen] -Woody, who is Whitney Fromholtz's excitable 4-month-old puppy.

"Whether or not I will make it another two hours at work is directly correlated to how soon the @annfriedman newsletter comes." -Rachel Barth. It's here! But maybe you left already?

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