October 04, 2013

Pink in the face

How Breast Cancer Won the Battle for October - NYmag.com

When a friend of mine told me, many months ago, that October was domestic-violence awareness month, I was like “what, huh?” This is a thing I should know! And I had no idea. So I made a note to write this article as soon as I saw the first co-branded pink-ribbon product.

Pie chart: How are we referring to Obamacare? - The Hairpin

Thank you, conservative dads of America, for the email forwards.

#Realtalk: Awareness weak - Columbia Journalism Review

Why manufactured public-health events don’t equal “news.”

I'm reading:

Seriously, the Republicans are awful, and Republican-run states are deplorable. Related: Assholes. The charming winner of a small-penis pageant. Tesla gets taxpayer subsidies. The people who still write letters to the editor, and the editors who loooove Dave Eggers. How to check your own gender bias—especially if you’re a dude. Searching for Dave Chappelle. What the apostrophe means now. Drake’s entourage and Harry Belafonte’s fight and Juana Molina’s solitude and Nick Cave and PJ Harvey’s short-lived love affair. A brief history of musical failure. Bowie’s favorite books. A eulogy for San Francisco’s Lusty Lady. A history of Chicago hipsters, which led me to Norman Mailer’s 1957 essay on the subject. But apparently “millennial” is the new hipster. “Behind every insurrection, there’s always a trust fund.” A helpful Q&A on Obamacare, and basic facts about inequality in America. Frozen embryos and the war at home and the pains of early adulthood. Teens and digital romance. And a delightful open letter about open letters (featuring one of the best compliments I’ve ever received).

Spirit animal:

Yesterday I ran into Molly Lambert at the coffee shop and she showed this Vanity Fair photo spread and now I keep trying to work but instead succumb googling things like “Anjelica Huston 70s menswear” and “Anjelica Huston red lip.”

I endorse:

DayQuil and coffee, a combination I’ve dubbed the “sinus speedball.” The dual effects of daytime cold meds and caffeine are what got me through this week. I felt like shit and it was still a 10,000-word week. Thank you, drugs.

A follow-up to last week’s karaoke endorsement: Our collective karaoke playlist! I can’t believe you guys sing some of these songs in public (Kate Bush?? REALLY?!). You clearly have better voices and can hold your whiskey better than I can. My alternate theory is that you just sent me your aspirational selections. In which case, enjoy this playlist and get practicing.


This is the second in a recurring series in which I explain concepts you’re already quite familiar with. Thanks to “Pretty & Pudgy” for this week’s query! Would you like me to Annsplain something to you? Submit a request.

POTBELLIES (HUMAN, NOT PIG) are a whimsical physical feature. Here I defer to one of the great poets of our generation to expand on the concept: “And I love my tummy,” quoth Will Oldham, “it's round and firm and funny. That's what I am.”


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I am a recent subscriber via the Hairpin recommendation and now I know that you are so much more than pie charts!” -Robyn

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