August 30, 2013

Playing it cool

Why a Woman Should Never Date Her Coworkers -

Ok, so I don’t write the headlines, and I don’t exactly say women shouldn’t date coworkers… just that they should be aware of some rarely-discussed downsides of sharing professional ambitions with your partner.

I'm reading:

How mainstream newspapers covered the March on Washington. The real America reacts to Obamacare. The rest of the world, and much of America, treats Los Angeles with the same weird mixture of envy and snobbery – qualities that ought to contradict each other, but somehow never do.” Eel wars! The only two things I read and liked about Miley. Millennials hate Springsteen almost as much as they hate D.C. On listening to Neko Case alone. How consciousness works. When I was in elementary school I used to listen to Steely Dan with my dad and think, ‘Reeling in the years… yep, Donald, that is just so true.’” Murder by Craigslist. On “culture fit” as hiring criteria in Silicon Valley. The birth of the bleep.

Spirit animal:

Late-summer domination mode, basically.

I endorse:

This Is Martin Bonner, a movie about two middle-aged guys in Reno (#endofmen) that was written and directed by my friend Chad Hartigan. Chad basically went broke to make this film, and a bunch of other talented people I know worked on it, too. I personally invested in this project. (Thanks, Kickstarter.) And then it won a big audience award at Sundance! Because it is good. Watch it on iTunes or Netflix or Amazon this weekend.


Ann! Your Friday newsletters are great. I look forward to them every week-- the curated links are perfect! But I miss the pie-charts.” -Brachah Goykadosh. [Ed. note: I KNOW. Me too! I lost my notebook that contains all of my pie chart drafts, and have been trying to recover from the loss. Pie returns next week.]

“This entire newsletter is always the highlight of my week.” - my boo Aminatou Sow with a biased but crucial endorsement.

“hahahahahah. Fuck you, Ann! fuck you! This is awesome! These mini testimonials at the end are the best thing I have ever seen. I can never say I don't have something to read now that I get this newsletter. So stoked. High fives and good vibes for the middle west.” - fantastic human Chad Kouri, who wins best reply of all time for this testimonial about testimonials.

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