September 25, 2015

Pope floats

This week:

The history of female friendship. I am very excited to be an old lady. And it's not online, but I interviewed the charming Jeffrey Tambor for the latest issue of Fantastic Man. Plus, I talked to Product Hunt about tech stuff, my friend Gracy O. about self-care for freelancers, and the Dinner Party Download about Barbies with artificial intelligence

I'm reading:

Bird-watching with Clickbait. Wocka wocka wocka. The great workplace divide. Not everyone can afford to work less. Doha as a desert purgatory for women seeking better lives. The families of Mexico's disappeared. An accomplished war reporter leaves his job. Junipero Serra was no saint. Black women and the personal-essay economy, and whiteness in the literary world. A master class with serial best-seller James PattersonFeel-good feminism. What to expect when both of you are expecting. "People crave reciprocity with others." Learning to celebrate Eid Al Adha in America. Against the "equality of opportunity." The moment when a 10-year-old learns she has HIV. On gay male privilege, and growing older with Madonna. The woman who wrote Laura. Jessica Hopper on Lana Del Rey's morose grandeur. There are people who hate fall. Our Notes apps, ourselves. EpiPens are big business. Everything is bad for you. Is Coinstar really that mindblowing? Morrissey's ego remains untrammeled. "Grace does her own shucking."

Pie chart:

The Pontiff Pie. More pie here.


Childbirth, Chvrches, and roman slugs. The drunk history of Harriet Tubman.


Plus, I know you've seen this Poehler DGAF GIF already, but just look at it again. 
Related: The Lupita twirl.

I endorse:

Whatever drugs the editors of House & Garden were on in 1970.


Monday, Sept 28: I'll be doing a live chat for ProductHunt. Sign up here to ask me anything.


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"I have never clicked a link in the @annfriedman newsletter quicker" -Laura Snapes, who is obviously referring to last week's feminist trojan-horse link "Connie Britton's hair secret."

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