March 29, 2013

Poppin’ bottles for made-up milestones

This was a big week, you guys. I filed a long feature I've been working on for months. My mom got an iPhone. And it was my two-year anniversary as a Californian. (I love this place.) Here’s what I published:

Parties We Should Have Instead of Weddings -

In which I support equality and neg the institution of marriage. Could also be ready as a lengthy explanation of why I failed to purchase you a wedding gift.

Pie Chart: What Are We Avoiding Because We’re Scared We’ll Like It Too Much? - The Hairpin

Is this #tooreal or just real enough?

Quotas get results -

I asked Chris Hayes how he manages to find guests for his show that aren’t white men. On a related note, this. Isn’t Chris the goddamn best? PSA: If those of you who are journalists ever have questions you’d like me to tackle, you can email

I'm reading:

There was apparently no slaking louche women and their lust for pink bubbly.” Executive feminism and what Facebook stands to gain when you lean in. The history of LGBT rights in magazines and what comes next after gay marriage. Actually, what comes next for an entire economically disadvantaged generation? The last days of Playboy and the emergence of the Amish bodice-ripper. A history of like. An alternative geography of the United States. A letter to William Eggleston, and another to the editing process. Oh, and John Jeremiah Sullivan kind of decimates your top-of-the-food-chain smugness.

Spirit animal:

Did I mention I'm celebrating my Caliversary?

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

I know it’s kind of silly to keep reprinting this schedule, but I’m hoping this will help me remember where I’m going and when.

April 5-7, BU Power of Narrative Conference, Boston

April 10, WAM! Mentoring session, New York

April 18-20, Alaska Press Club Conference, Anchorage

April 27, MoxieCon, Chicago

I endorse:

Bubbly wine with a dash of angostura bitters.

Oh, and given the replies to last week’s moisturizer endorsement, you are apparently rubbing your bodies with the following things: Kiehl’s Imperial Body Balm, Key’s Care soap (“it goes bad after 6 months, but is super wonderful while it lasts”), “that Jason (umlat) vitamin e 5000 cream or whatever,” and an unnamed lotion that someone’s father brought back from Tel Aviv one time. Thank you for sharing with the class.


“Ann, you're like a better, hipper, actually interesting Gwyneth Paltrow. Who cares about lady rights.” - Erica Sackin (Ed. note: I feel very conflicted about this testimonial but have decided to embrace it.)

“I can vouch for their delightfulness. They are delightful.” - Molly McArdle on these weekly dispatches. Molly

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