June 06, 2014

Pour some Sugar on me

Tiny Beautiful Things, the Self-Help Book Women Love to Give Each Other  - NYmag.com

I’ve bought the Dear Sugar book for at least five friends, and I have no intention of stopping. Also in this column I confess that I once cried in a parking lot BUT did not disclose that the parking lot was at a Whole Foods in Venice beach. Yikes, right? FEELINGS.

Pie chart: How do we know we’re too high? - The Hairpin

This pie is the result of Maureen Dowd’s (probably purposeful) dark-stoning, plus a search of my Gmail inbox for the phrase “too stoned.”

Beginning to See the Light - Bookforum

I reviewed Barbara Ehrenreich’s new book, which was supposed to be about an atheist’s search for god but was really a rather dull memoir. I feel bad about this, because normally I like the books I write about.

Call Your Girlfriend!

Episode 1: Straight Shame. The podcast is back! Amina and I discussed caftans, reparations, the Kardashians, myths of chillness, and why we only want queer children. We also talked to Vulture writer Lindsey Weber about rom-coms. If you like this podcast, do us a favor: Subscribe on iTunes and rate it and leave a nice little review.

I’m reading:

What kind of person shoots an elephant? Hail, Dayton! Lol @ Lana Del Rey and Brooke Candy. Take some cues from Beyonce. The worst celebrity profile ever written. Jem, Jem, she’s truly outrageous. Girls will be girls. Rachel Jeantel is an inspiration. Crying over onions. A transgender woman’s love story. White people taking selfies in front of Kara Walker’s art. Translating Frozen into Arabic. How not to review women’s writing. The brave people carrying on Dr. Tiller’s legacy. PR as women’s work. “A NEW CAREER and a NEW YOU.” Let’s circle back on that at the all-hands meeting today. Zappos is forcing job applicants to be "friends." Against the sharing economy. The Internet is not a person. Life as an online dating surrogate. The history of bookshelves. RIP, college radio. A feud between type designers. My friend Adi Goodrich tells you how to be creative for a living.


Grown women see themselves for the first time. The most entertaining explanation of net neutrality ever. Sk8r bois commute to work.



Had a lot going on this week.

I endorse:


Best Bush in Town is a 42-page photo book by my pal Jimmy Marble featuring the flora of Los Angeles accompanied by handwritten ruminations on art and history and love. Each book is $15. And very, very pretty. If you, like me, love Los Angeles, maybe you should buy one.

You Do You:

My friend Gracy and I are collaborating on a writing and yoga retreat in Guatemala this November. No, it’s not just a trip for my friends—anyone can come, ladies and dudes alike. It’s gonna be great. There are still spaces left! More info here.


“record time (.05 seconds) for sending out a chain email regarding a link from @annfriedman weekly newsletter?” -Stephanie Glass. I need you all to cc me on these. How else are we going to become friends?

"Having Friday off just makes me want my @annfriedman more?? Now???” -Amanda Uhme. For some reason, this made me sing “I want my Ann week-ly” to the tune of Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing intro. [And I can’t stop: “Your funny for nothing and your clicks for free.”]

“Sweet @annfriedman- you are better than a margarita on a Friday afternoon. Bold words from this Texan.” -Laura Clemens. This brought a tear to my eye. I wish I was in Texas right this second. Drinking a margarita.


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