April 26, 2013

Power ladies in breakup season

If Jill Abramson were a man... - annfriedman.com

A quick response to this bullshit. (Also, it’s some total passive-aggressive former web editor behavior, but whenever I feel reluctant to send a publication traffic for an article like this, I always link to the printer version, because they usually don’t serve ads on printer-friendly pages. #protip)

Reporting on industry gossip - Columbia Journalism Review

....and how Politico could have done this story without being sexist.

Pie chart: What are we doing like no one’s watching? - The Hairpin

One of my more wholesome data visualizations.

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J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons is one of my favorite members of the 6-foot-ladies club. I am also obsessed with Kim Gordon, “who has long been a role model for women who want to be tough without becoming hard.” The inimitable Amanda Hess profiles Stoya, an unapologetic porn star. What Chris Brown says about the way we shame now. A linguistic take on how we name bands today. How Phoenix became the only famous French rockers. In looking for the origins of the War on Drugs I was led to the birth of the modern pharmaceutical industry.” How Park Ji Woo escaped North Korea, a country that, along with its southern counterpart, is ruled by a woman. How Mary H.K. Choi loves her South Korean mom. The declining radicalism of American Girls. On Erich Fromm, self-love, and emotional generosity. What it’s like to be a woman in North Dakota during the bachelor boom. Why it’s ok for young creatives to leave their hometowns. Bowie fever!

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I’m all about Diane Keaton right now.

Spring Domination Speaking Tour:

This weekend: MoxieCon in Chicago! I’m talking about haters and how to dominate them.

Next week: Iowa. Back to the motherland for a reporting assignment.

I endorse:

I went to Homer, Alaska during breakup season, the time of year when the ice splits apart and things start to thaw. Breakup season, people warned me again and again prior to my arrival, is ugly. Sometimes it snows, sometimes it rains, but it’s always wet. Breakup season is all brown and gray in a state that’s usually crisp whites and blues and greens. But everyone, it turns out, is kind of excited about breakup season. They don’t compare the muddy thaw to summer, which is by then a distant memory, but to the winter they’ve just weathered. “Boy, it was a long one,” said Mike, the coffee shop owner from Corpus Christi who had a smoker’s rasp and stick-and-poke hand tats and a single diamond stud in his ear. “So breakup season ain’t so bad.” I get this. Breakups have always been good to me, marked by a sense of possibility rather than by a bleak sense of ending. On my first night in town, I made some friends at a restaurant on Highway 1, and one of them offered to take me out on his fishing boat the next day. We stopped by a tackle shop on the dock and I paid $30 for a license to fish for wild king salmon. (“You’ll have good luck today,” the gray-bearded owner said. “Women’s always good luck on the boat.”) I didn’t catch any kings, but I did snag two halibut and a sea bass. I felt a lot tougher about this fact before I watched a video of myself shrieking and giggling as I reeled in the tiniest halibut. Anyway. If you ever have a chance to go longline fishing on a cerulean bay ringed with glacial peaks, I recommend it. Admittedly, scoring such an invitation from a stranger will be easier if you are a woman. The lady shortage up here is for real. But, the fisherman told me, breakups aren’t so bad. “In Homer you don’t lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn.”


“Hanging out with her, I found myself thinking that Stoya is kind of the Ann Friedman of porn—totally challenging of her industry, intimidating to the haters, and so happy and invested in her core group of ladies.” -Amanda Hess

"What would we do without @annfriedman? I guess we'd just have a lot of unanswered bullshit out there." -Zerlina Maxwell

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