September 06, 2013

Pulling out and linking in

No Pill? No Prob. Meet the Pullout Generation -

I know this suffers from the New York Times style section problem of being an anecdote-led trend piece, but I talked to lots of women and actually read the research on this topic, and have received more than one email from friends I didn’t interview whose boyfriends/husbands have been like, “ARE YOU TALKING TO ANN ABOUT OUR SEX LIFE?” So there’s that.

Pie chart: How are we coping with the fact that our period is super late? - The Hairpin

Can’t decide which more effectively soothes menstrual cramps: 600mg of ibuprofen or the endorphin rush of NOT PREGNANT.

All LinkedIn with Nowhere to Go - The Baffler

This is why I have never invited you to connect. From a December 2012 g-chat conversation with Amina that sums up both the state of journalism and digital professional networking: “tried to endorse you in ‘chilling so hard’ on linkedin. it was not an industry option.”

War reporting for amateurs - Columbia Journalism Review

What to expect when you’re expecting to go to a war zone with no institutional support and very little experience. Addendum here.

I'm reading:

A beginner’s guide to the conflict in Syria. Against intervention. The case for stealing and for unconditional handouts to the poor. An autobiography of gentrification in San Francisco, and a near-parody on the same subject. White girls and racial drag; tweets not twerks. “The age of the race narrative is over, bro.” What’s killing poor white women? A defense of Sex and the City’s legacy. This woman brings new meaning to the term “professional climber.” The story behind Seamus Heaney’s last words and Thomas Pynchon’s solitude and what happens when you combine Joey Ramone and John Cage and James Joyce. (Whaaaaaat?! I know.) A book that was composed on Facebook. How to rebuild an attention span. The power of repetition, and how to stay interested in depressing stories we’ve all heard before. Why there are so many incompetent dudes in management. Pyongyang’s nightlife. The Runaways and the end of California’s golden era. Los Angeles is NOT a desert.

Spirit animals:

This conversation between RuPaul and Henry Rollins is everything I need to hear right now. #staymalleable

(Sorry, I know this isn’t animated. If someone has a gif of Rollins & Ru, please send it to me. I need it in my life.)

I endorse:

Backstage riders. They contain the best insights into the lives of the super-famous. Jay-Z likes ranch dressing. (SWOON.) Tom Petty won’t eat his Boca burgers off of styrofoam plates. Joan Rivers insists on Ivory or Dove soap. Dick Cheney needs ALL TVs tuned to FOX NEWS. E.L.O. demands “soft toilet paper.” Of course Sinead O’Connor requires 40 cigarettes (Marlboro Lights) and raw ginger root. Also please join me in snickering at Van Morrison’s request for prunes in juice (x2). Then reply to this email and tell me what will be on your rider once the world recognizes your genius and you’re embarking on an international mega-tour.

I was reminded of my love for riders when I saw this detailed memo about legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland’s lunch habits, which I sort of parodied this week. Sub-endorsement: Have you seen the documentary about her? She basically narrates it herself, thanks to recordings of interviews with George Plimpton, who helped her write her memoir. The best.


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“Your newsletter is the only email I don't dread getting on Friday afternoons.Where do I subscribe to ‘A: The Ann Magazine’? The My Favorite Things list would be ON POINT.” -Emma Roller. To learn about my favorite things, I refer you to my backstage rider.

“Let me just say if there was an animated gif of Ann Friedman pulling one of her pizzas out of the oven, I'd make that my chosen spirit animal gif.” -my buddy Adi Goodrich. Maybe I will include pizza-making tips in a future newsletter when it is not 900 degrees outside.

“friedles i miss u and im sweaty :( “ -Nikki Darling. Have I mentioned it’s rather hot in southern California right now?

The other day I was considering something imaginary in my head and it involved talking in public about periods and I was thinking "It would be fine because Ann wrote that places you'll flow thing" so I think what you're doing is normalizing the female experience.” -Rebecca Traister with one of the best compliments I’ve ever received about my work.

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