February 27, 2015

Raising eyebrows and twirling mustaches

Episode 20: Mrs. Money Mustache - Call Your Girlfriend
On the podcast, Amina and I discuss the Oscars, the most baffling plot point in 50 Shades, married ladies who change their names, and apps for getting your finances in order.

Why We Don't Care that LA Wasn't Chosen to Host the 2024 Olympics? - Los Angeles magazine
100% too busy enjoying our citrus trees and the incredible weather to really care.

Also! I was on the Sideshow podcast talking about my love for Dear Sugar.

I'm reading:

White privilege is real; magic dresses are not. It's a matter of perception. Climate change is a gentrifier. The upside of waiting in line. Netstalgia. The slacker parent. The labradoodle racket. Brave Texas lovebirds. "The truth is, Texas is being California-ized." I'd forgotten all about the missing Malaysian plane. Time is an eternal womb, and panromantic gray-asexuals are real. When a site for selling sex gets taken down, who's hurt most? The weight of attraction. The hidden promise of a fake boyfriend. A teen's guide to surviving immigration. Teenage boys are being assaulted in adult prisons. Can grief give you a disease? A dying woman rages against pink ribbons. How do you say "selfie" in ASL? The media can't handle millennials. The brilliance of Tim & Eric. How many idiots asked this shark expert whether she could do her job while on her period? Women are punished for negotiating. How Joan Rivers got that way. A Chinese-American rapper makes a comeback. I love you and believe in you.


Portraits of trans elders. The zodiac signs as Oprah with fresh crops. The school band plays Zeppelin.


RIP Nimoy, who had the best eye makeup and brow game as Spock. Also, I will not apologize for enjoying this.

I endorse:

Irritable Hearts. As Mac's friend and one-time editor, I admit that I'm biased. But I loved this book. I've already bought copies for three different friends.

Also, somebody buy me this RBG print for my office, please.

Live! In person:

I'll be reading in New York on March 18 at Le Poisson Rouge, along with a few other rad ladies who write for The Baffler. Get tickets here.

Also, I'm not speaking (Claudia Rankine is!!) but I will be attending LA BinderCon on March 28 & 29.


"Exploding my @pocket with @annfriedman's tinyletter links, drinking black tea & coconut milk in a mason jar (totes normal because Portland)." -CJ Walker. Would drink this beverage.

"Eyelids so heavy I'm about to fall asleep and then the @annfriedman weekly arrived in my inbox I'M WIDE AWAKE IT'S MORNING." -Mina Farzad. Is this a Bright Eyes reference? That man once threw a cup of beer into the audience in Lincoln, Nebraska, and it hit me in the head. I have not listened to him since.

"AKA Friday afternoon, in which I tweet everything from @annfriedman's newsletter." -Kate Bangay. AKA fantastic testimonial.

"ahhh, guacamole, the @annfriedman weekly, and 16 new tabs open." -Natalie Rothfels. I hope you made that guac to Jack White's specifications.

"It's Friday, Friday gotta read @annfriedman on Friday 🙌" -Rose Thompson. This is perhaps my favorite endorsement of all time. Have you heard the fake Dylan version? His "partyin' partyin' yeah" is the best.

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